# # Dazzling Colors In The Sky -Diwali Poem by Samanyan Lakshminarayanan

# # Dazzling Colors In The Sky -Diwali

Rating: 4.1

[fireworks in the sky]

the plain white stars
hide and disappear
looking at these dazzling colors
man made today
just for a day
huh and at what a cost

the stars see them come and go
wonder why they do so
a spark a glow then they dwindle low
stars did wonder why so
a spark in a lot the star managed to hold [to ask]
a dying spark amidst a gasp said so


Raj Arumugam 23 October 2009

spoken like a poet, dear friend... celebratory fireworks of nations and military displays of regimes never impressed me as the wonders of a lone distant star in the quiet sky

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Smiley Hooker 23 October 2009

Yes, it's so amazing Sam, work of art or man made...too expensive and will only last for a while. nothing last better than God-given wonders! very nice! :)

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Shalini Sundararamalingam 23 October 2009

sky shots are really awesome and wonderful to look at, they are really too costly and does not even last for a fraction of their cost, very nice poem..

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Nikunj Sharma 21 October 2009

They last only half their cost, other half goes to profits.... Nice poem...keep it up

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Lynda Robson 21 October 2009

A philosophical poem Sam, very enjoyable to read, thanks, 10 Lynda xx

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Mangla Shanker 01 November 2009

very nice.........and magical....x

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Chitra - 31 October 2009

An indelible spark of philosophy dazzling the mind with its glow...manmade creations are transitory in nature and come with a price tag where as celestial wonders are permanent and priceless...well done

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Sandhya S N 29 October 2009

very intersting poem truth too regards sandhya

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Eyan Desir 27 October 2009

Interesting poem I still trying to understand your veiw point

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Lynn Glover 26 October 2009

Ronald Peat has a point, but I disagree. Most poets see things that other folks don't see or can even imagine. In my poem The Old Red Barn I make a statement that the old red barn seemed to be weeping that day, however we know in reality that a barn cannot weep no more that the stars can see your fireworks but we as poets can see these things. I have many other poems that use these metaphors such as my poem A Tree where the bluebirds are building a nest in her hair (leaves) . We all know that a tree dose not have hair. So keep on dreaming and writing, that's what we as poets do. God bless, your friend Lynn

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