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We search each other's eyes
For depth of thought.
We find feelings, real feelings
Of deep, warm love,

The brook is babbling,
'Let it go. Let it go now.'
Water under bridge.

The day is as romantic as the night.
With multicolored birds taking flight.
Kiss me in the brightness, in the light.
The day is as romantic as the night.

Many things can take away
The hope we have on earth.
The losing of a job, a home,
Disease, sickness, worse.

Oh, let us savor this beginning
So sublime,
And rush not
As excitement weighs heavily

Your laughter blew into my life
With swift surprise.
It spun happily around me,
Whirling with dizzy speed.

You really want to touch, you say.
Nay, don't take my breath away.
For breath is life, and must be breathe,
To sober think, and warnings heed.

My dog is just too big for me.
He runs and never walks.
When it's his time to picture take,
He never, ever balks.

I have not changed since we were young.
We used to run, and laugh at life,
And all was fun.
Now I'm busy in a tizzy,

The only time that I have peace,
Is out in nature, trees and things.
I sit in the morning and look about,
And wait for the early birds to come out.

I saw a touch of fall today.
It was the morning when I walked.
The coming season to me talked.

If you question my life today,
Ask me before I die.
Don't wait 'til flowers are on my grave.
Don't wait 'til you say goodbye.

I remember your ghost of a smile.
It flickered across your lips,
And your eyes followed suit,
Twinkling merrily

Oh, bleeding heart!
Oh blood so red and deep.
Why, oh why
Can't I keep this distress

Through the screen, and silent as a cat,
A puff of breeze nudges at my back,
As if to say, 'I want a whiff of that.'

Hovering near the Sunday evening fare,

I smelled that smell yesterday.
That smell of love.
That musky, dusky smell
Of rain-soaked leaves,

My coffeepot is my friend.
It's wonderful
In that he asks not
What I can give,

Gossamer wings they always have,
Like the one I saw today,
Perched on the balcony railing to say,
Don't just look, come out to play.

Like a butterfly let me alight.
Onto the flower that is your life.
Let me tread gently with soft butterfly feet,
So as not to disturb those before me.

Make your fun and happiness
Where ever you are.
Don't let cities and places make you,
Take you afar.

S Holland Biography

I have a clerical background and have been writing non-fiction and poetry for 40+ years. I am a self-taught writer whose work has been published in: Midwest Poetry Review SA-DE Books Anthology (defunct) TPAC Newsletter (defunct) www.ineedcoffee.com Poetry Motel Poetry is my favorite type of writing. I also write web and business content. Though I've had work published, I am a self-publisher, preferring not to peddle my work for publication. I've recently published 7 no-content, journals at Amazon KDP. I was born and raised in the southern US. and I have one grown son.)

The Best Poem Of S Holland

Oh, How I Love You

We search each other's eyes
For depth of thought.
We find feelings, real feelings
Of deep, warm love,
Never dying,
But always trying to break free,
To come forth
And be the dream
Of me and you come true.
Oh, how I love you.

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Kumarmani Mahakul 26 March 2019

Sandi Holland is a brilliant, kind and multi-talented poetess from USA, who writes excellent poems of high expression and moral values. I have read her poems and reviewed. Her each poem carries deep philosophical essence. I am truly pleased reading her poems. I am wishing her all the best for her perseverance. May God bring joy and fortune for her.

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Howard Savage 08 June 2016

I am profoundly moved to know a poet as yourself, your poetry is as the stars shinning on a moonless night. Beautiful poetry by a beautiful lady. Keep amazing the world.

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Jesus Diaz Llorico 23 July 2013

I am most grateful that I was able to know Ms. Sandi Holland here in PoemHunter. She is one of the best poetess I have ever come across in this site. Being a highly skilled and accomplished poetess, she writes in the minutest details and can convey the deepest meanings imaginable when writing poems. Thank you for being one of my friends here in Poemhunter.

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Jesus Diaz Llorico 18 June 2013

Thank you, for having the time to read my poems. Your poems spoke volumes as well, they are all so beautiful.

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