Saz Fairy

Rookie (12th of april / Sydney Australia)

Saz Fairy Poems

1. Symphony Of Destruction 10/22/2005
2. Lying Brokern On The Floor 11/9/2005
3. Warning. 11/26/2005
4. Barbed Wire 11/27/2005
5. Copper Sulfate Eyes 2/28/2006
6. When She Is Gone 7/13/2006
7. Fountain Of Life: Warning Poision 7/13/2006
8. She Will Bring Ending 9/5/2006
9. Cherry Smoke 9/5/2006
10. Blurred Eyes 9/5/2006
11. Let Me Lead 9/5/2006
12. Just A Memory Of What Once Was 4/1/2005
13. Majesty Of The Time Frozen Illusion 4/1/2005
14. Delusions Of The Distance 4/1/2005
15. Stay Off The Colours. 9/13/2006
16. Yeh, Ive Been Crushin' On You 9/19/2006
17. You [me] Will Be Fine. 9/24/2006
18. Falling Through 11/13/2006
19. It’s Been Awhile Since I Have Floated 1/10/2007
20. Seperation 1/14/2006
21. Dark Rose - Chris 9/12/2006
22. Forever Remedy 9/12/2006
23. Redundant 9/24/2006
24. Aphrodite Writes Critical Journalism 4/17/2005
25. Illusion Before The Fall 10/10/2005
26. Angelic Yet Hopeless Love 4/1/2005
27. Vomit Sprinkles 10/25/2006
28. Suicidal Truths Of Denial 4/3/2005
29. Personal Pronoun 9/5/2006
30. Not Any More 10/10/2005
31. Illusion 4/1/2005

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Best Poem of Saz Fairy


Confusion, illusion, passion, betrays meant and lust
The five elements of my tale, in this be sure to trust
But in this quest a six sense does exists
The element of love, shrouded in mist

For hidden in this tale is my hope, my thoughts, my story
My plot line is not of true love, or of one seeking glory
But really of my betray meant of another
In a search for happiness, truth and feelings to uncover

For one should be happy with what one does posses
Although I must truthfully confess
I left the one who loved me right though to his soul and core
To find ...

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Illusion Before The Fall

Moonlight wont you be my lover
Protect me as did no other
Moonlight come and help me sing
It now just me against everything

When there is no one you can turn to
No one there to help you through
Everyone is like a knife against your throat
Life seems to end here, the past is all that life has wrote

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