Shivani Agarwal

Shivani Agarwal Poems

1. Moonlight... 11/14/2012
2. Last Night 12/15/2012
3. Sunset 5/8/2013
4. Gumrah 6/14/2015
5. A Quote 3/12/2013
6. Far Away And Near! 1/11/2014
7. I Cannot Write Now... 12/9/2012
8. A Portrait 8/12/2012
9. That Moment.. 8/21/2012
10. When Eyes Met.. 9/9/2012
11. Ek Subha 9/30/2012
12. Pain 10/12/2012
13. Moon 1/22/2014
14. Illusion 3/28/2013
15. The Sea And Me 8/12/2012
16. The Silence 8/17/2012
17. Dairy, Milk & Silk 8/19/2012

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Dairy, Milk & Silk

On my brother's birthday,
I packed chocolates, served in tray
Golden, red and green,
brought in the little maid's eyes,
Some anticipation and sheen.
I thought, would give her one
When I reached her there were none
The dismay on her face
Filled my heart with benevolence...

The night went bad
Next morning as if to poke me
I saw her smiling at
Silk's commercial ad..
I skipped my lunch with a friend
Happily brought her Silk wrapped
Her eyes were full of joy
It was a gift she never had...

Next day passing by
Rhetorically I ...

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That Moment..

If the spark in your eyes,
Would kindle the longing inside..

I'll run into your arms,
Uncertainties will fall behind

My tears will be lost in the rain,
And everything will subside
When our hearts will beat entwined..

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