Shivani Agarwal

Shivani Agarwal Poems

1. Moonlight... 11/14/2012
2. Last Night 12/15/2012
3. Sunset 5/8/2013
4. Gumrah 6/14/2015
5. A Quote 3/12/2013
6. Far Away And Near! 1/11/2014
7. I Cannot Write Now... 12/9/2012
8. A Portrait 8/12/2012
9. That Moment.. 8/21/2012
10. When Eyes Met.. 9/9/2012
11. Ek Subha 9/30/2012
12. Pain 10/12/2012
13. Moon 1/22/2014
14. Illusion 3/28/2013
15. The Sea And Me 8/12/2012
16. The Silence 8/17/2012
17. Dairy, Milk & Silk 8/19/2012

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Dairy, Milk & Silk

On my brother's birthday,
I packed chocolates, served in tray
Golden, red and green,
brought in the little maid's eyes,
Some anticipation and sheen.
I thought, would give her one
When I reached her there were none
The dismay on her face
Filled my heart with benevolence...

The night went bad
Next morning as if to poke me
I saw her smiling at
Silk's commercial ad..
I skipped my lunch with a friend
Happily brought her Silk wrapped
Her eyes were full of joy
It was a gift she never had...

Next day passing by
Rhetorically I ...

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The Silence

Something was smouldering inside,
Since several dark nights
Tossing and turning about,
Desperate to come out
To be free as a bird,
In the form of Words...

A dream, some hope, or pain or desire?
I laughed, and moved on but,

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