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1. Sara My Diamond 10/24/2007
2. My Sweetheart 10/24/2007
3. Golden Heart 10/24/2007
4. Kiss 10/24/2007
5. Fear Not 10/24/2007
6. Mother 10/24/2007
7. Prejudice 10/24/2007
8. Shattered Heart 10/24/2007
9. My First Real Love (Look Carefully Who Is It?) 10/24/2007
10. You Are My 10/24/2007
11. Without You 10/24/2007
12. I Look, I See, I Hope. 10/24/2007
13. Precious 10/24/2007
14. The Final Year 10/24/2007
15. Poppy 10/24/2007
16. I Hate You 10/24/2007
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I Hate You

I hate you, I hate you, I hate you.
I hate you for being smart,
I hate you for calling me an ugly fat tart.
I hate you for using me
I hate you for hurting me
I hate you for saying mean shit
I hate you for making me chuck a fit
I hate you and the looks you give
I hate you for making me not want to live
I hate you for so called being my friend
I hate you always to the end
I hate you pretending to be sweet
I hate you everytime we meet
I hate you coz I got hurt
I hate you for treating me like dirt
I hate you for making me smile
I hate you when I saw...

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The Final Year

Stall tall my friends,
The time is here,
We have completed the final year.
We have studied and worked hard for 5 years straight,
Now we no longer have to wait.
As we walk down this aisle
Hold your head up high and smile.
Be proud of who w are,
We have all come so far.

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