Skye Wood Poems

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Missing You

I used to think we had it all
Till the day you moved away
Left me with nothing but a broken heart
I wish i said the 3 most important words

To Late

I loved you
Then you broke my heart
So now my heart belongs to him
You say you still love me

All Because Of You

You hurt my friend
You hurt her bad
Now all she can think about is you
and your dirty plans

Dirty Tricks And Lies

Last night I sat by my window
Looking up at the stars
Thinking of how hard I feel
When you broke my heart

Nowhere In Sight.....

My love for you
Will never end
As these wasted days go by
Thinking of you


I couldnt get to sleep last nite
You were running through my mind
I was trying to think of something happy
Something that wouldnt make me cry

I Never Loved You....

When i got you
I was soo happy
I never knew we will fall apart
That month we were together

The Lies

All the lies you told me
Are bundled up inside
Im trying to hide my feelings for you
But im already filled up with lies

Dieing In The Inside

Shes smiling on the outside
But i can tell shes dieing in the inside
Shes trying to hide her feelings for you
But theirs no place to hide


When you smile
It makes me feel all happy inside
But the only time you smile
Is when your with her