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A person who loves English literature and language, in fact, crazy about it. Likes to write poems, read books and, of course, present speeches. Dictionary is my best friend. A huge fan of debating. Viewers, be honest about my poems, rate them and comment. For it can help me become a better poet.

Still a student of KMBVM thrissur and proud of it.
Have a great day and keep smiling and smiling no matter what.

Sneha R Poems

The Moon

The moon

I saw the moon at a distance
Why not say 10000 miles for instance

I Am Still Standing

There are two paths in front of me.
I ask myself, "Can't you see? "
The pieces of my broken heart,
continue to break and fall apart.

My Hero

I was descending from the high to low
My world seemed shattered, I wondered how
A bridge I thought I would cross alone
Fighting off all the fiends, all alone

Moi And The Boat

Everyone has dreams, big and small
Some as big as a shopping mall
Others small but unique like a gem
With mine, I can just shout or hem

What Do I See In My Soul?

What do I see in my soul?
I see beautiful memories engraved in gold.
Each one years and years old
Yet so unique and young at heart,

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14 November 2017

Being the only extraordinary person out of the group of ordinary copy-pasted people who ignore you and call you ' different ' Is just a cut above the rest

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