Sofiul Azam

Rookie - 361 Points (January19,1981 / Bangladesh)

Sofiul Azam Poems

1. To Anna Akhmatova 1/16/2006
2. Oh! It's The Canon 2/4/2006
3. Light Of The World 3/1/2006
4. The Green Flutterings At Arannyak 4/12/2007
5. In The Unmeasured Womb 5/29/2007
6. Ain't It That Tagore's Spectre? 7/23/2007
7. Landfall On The Shore 8/30/2007
8. Ways Of Belonging 12/27/2007
9. Home Away From Home 3/22/2008
10. In The Hurry Of A Twister 6/19/2008
11. Itch Of Maternity 10/15/2008
12. Smile, Just Smile 1/8/2009
13. Blueprint Of Lies 5/18/2009
14. Burns And Blisters 6/21/2009
15. Bottles Of Anxiety 6/21/2009
16. Wounds Are Forever 6/30/2009
17. Rhetoric Of Errors 6/30/2009
18. Great Anarch, Tread 10/18/2005
19. In A Coaltar-Black Jungle 10/12/2006
20. Drizzle On The Grassfield 12/12/2006
21. In Folly's Cocoon 12/23/2006
22. Relief At St. Martin's Island 1/14/2007
23. Based On Wars Reported 1/31/2007
24. Summer In The North 10/7/2005
25. 'What Do You Think Life Is? ' 7/17/2016
26. A Scumbag's New Year 7/17/2016
27. Twists In A Thread 7/17/2016
28. A Birthday Letter 7/17/2016
29. Letter To A Freedom Fighter 7/17/2016
30. Do Something Against Pain 7/17/2016
31. A School Of Life-Lore 7/17/2016
32. Falling In Love 7/17/2016
33. To Readers 7/17/2016
34. Life Of A Capricorn 7/17/2016
35. Talking To Neruda's Ghost 7/17/2016
36. Inscriptions 7/17/2016
37. Refusing A Requiem For Scapegoats 7/17/2016
38. Title It For Yourself 7/17/2016
39. In Temporal Snafus 7/17/2016
40. Drafting An Advice 7/17/2016
Best Poem of Sofiul Azam

In Love With A Gorgon

At the time of the sun's spitting saffron out in the sky,
my life turned into a dazzling Gorgon and smiled.

The Gorgon with her snaky hair and tempting eyes
that I didn't know, turned a lot of things into stone.

Her smile drove me unwilling to suffer an eclipse,
frantic to climb the ladder of paramount ecstasy.

Prying into the tangles of love, I shrugged off
the unburdening of things we carry to the end.

Her smile seemed like music of pebbles in a stream.
I didn't know only monsters thrive under her spell.

She stared me out of countenance and...

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The Betrayal

"... to be alone. Because it's not your enemies who condemn you to solitude, it's your friends." - from The Joke by Milan Kundera

Everyday people say it's my heart
that arches over life like a bridge
making way from happiness to misery.
All of my feelings that bloomed for friends
like flowers in an oasis are now cold
as prehistoric icebergs in the North pole.

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