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Poetry is like my diary. Each and every poem has a story behind it.

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01 January 2016

Never stop doing hard work when you hear people say 'you have done good enough.' Do the hard work till that extent until you hear them call you a 'legend.'

01 January 2016

Damage is not only physical. It can be mental too.

01 January 2016

My shyness if often mistaken as rudeness.

01 January 2016

The people who are underestimated always get successful but only when they don't underestimate themselves.

05 May 2017

A skeptical entity sailing through uncertainty.

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Yash Shinde 14 April 2014

Sadvansha, a.k.a. our dear Spriha is a poet, accustomed to various themes, she has immense talent and scope for growth and development, what surprises me is her maturity and the poems she has penned at this tender age....

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Vishal Sharma 23 February 2014

Sadvansha Munshi, I am just above the height of flattery when I was writing this.....! ! ! Your talent is ®.The way you use your pen in such a tender age, Hats off lil angel.......! ! ! Just move ahead and continue writing masterpiece, The day you publish your book, I would be the first one to spend my bucks on dat...! ! Happy journey in the world of poetry..... You have the capability to make a sad face smile angel..... GUD LUCK......! ! !

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Sagar Jakhodia 08 February 2014

Very Nice Poemz.. Keep it up... ^_^ Dil Garden Garden Ho Gya Padh Ke..: P ^_^

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The Best Poem Of Spriha Blithe

~don'T Ask God~

He doesn't help a caterpillar to turn into a butterfly,
He isn't there to help when in water an ant is about to drown and die.
At first they helped themselves then only God gave them a hand,
In making and breaking of cocoon Or Safely returning back to land.

He isn't there at first place helping bees to collect honey,
He isn't there when a common man is in need of money.
They have to work hard first to achieve their goals,
Then God helps them to protect the honey Or provides safety to those souls.

If you want fame
Don't Ask God
If you want a shortcut to your aim
Don't Ask God
To put everything in a perfect frame
Don't Ask God
If there is something precious which you want to obtain..
First try it yourself, Then Ask God...

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Spriha Blithe Popularity

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