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I have lived an eclectic life. Poems come from personal experience, observations and from the Ether.

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21 December 2021

When is a party, not a party. When it's a farce.

24 December 2021

Retrospect In life maybe when it is too late we realise, That all we have never had, was everything we ever wanted.

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Hospital Corners. A Thankful Poem.

Hospital Corners.

I write to Hospital corners,
With tears running from my eyes,
They fall onto the white paper,
Forming question marks.

I look for the answers,
In your smiling face,
Without recognition,
Don't even know your name.

Squeezing hands, keep us safe,
Wards of Angels, help us stay,
And for those of us who fly away,
Our faces live with them, night and day,
Queueing in their prayers.

I write to the Hospital Corners,
Thank you for what you've done,
Tucking us all in,
where we don't belong.

What can I do to thank you?
How can I let you see?
How much we all love you?
Without you where would we be?

I think I know the answers,
In Wards of Angels deeds,
Wrapped in Hospital corners,
Taking care of me.

Steve Caine.

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