Stewart McKenzie Poems

Hit Title Date Added
Rtfm 08 Planck Verse

When poetic compression of meaning
Passes a quantum threshold
(The Blanck Length?)
Ambiguities arise.

Timesong 09 Timeless

Stay perfectly still.

At your motionless* center
You travel through time.

Rtfm 20 The Ghost In The Words

The ghost in the words
The voice in the signs
The figure in the scribbles
That hides between the lines

Rtfm 06 Mandarin For Maybe

The French and Japanese pass laws
To try to keep words out
While wanton English tempts words in
Like some old hooker on History Street.

Rtfm 21 Edible Poetry

The French eat their words
Say it in French with orotund vowels
And backthroat rolling 'r's
Les Francais mangent leur mots

Rtfm 25 A Fishing Story

Freed from focus thoughts slide by
A swift and dark flowing river
White waters eddies and whirlpools
A poet plucks treasures from the stream

Genietail 04 The Telomere's Tale

Shrink wrapped for freshness in telomere tails -
Genes that is, lifestuff -
Tails that tear with each genesplit until they’re gone,
Life too.

Rtfm 17 Po 'Em

The ideal audience size for a poet is one.
Direct from me to you. No watchers.
Whispering together in the privacy of our minds.
When poems are performed therefore

Joke 05 Frugal Me

A little boy comes home from school and asks his father what “frugal” means.
“Well” says his father “it means to save”.
The next day the little boy comes home from school all excited
“Dad, we were told such a good story today in class

Timesong 10 Bumpy History

To virtual numbers,
Invisible dimensions,
And fictitious proxy waves,
We must now add imaginary time.