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Subrat Pradhan Poems

1. Love: I Long For You (Radha-1) 7/7/2012
2. Love: Attaining Youth (Radha-2) 7/8/2012
3. Love: The Day I Saw You (Radha-3) 7/8/2012
4. Love: Give Me All Your Sufferings (Radha-10) 7/11/2012
5. Love: Simply To Touch You A Little (Radha-11) 7/12/2012
6. Love Is Not Easy (Radha-12) 7/12/2012
7. Love: Mind Behind The Body (Radha-15) 7/13/2012
8. Love: Everything Is Within (Radha-16) 7/13/2012
9. Love: Full Submission (Radha-18) 7/13/2012
10. Love: A Wish Long Cherished (Radha-19) 7/13/2012
11. Love: Through The Door Of Life And Death. (Radha-20) 7/14/2012
12. Love: Truth Is Eternal(Radha-21) 7/14/2012
13. Love: In Searh Of Footprints Of Love (Radha-24) 7/14/2012
14. Love: My Fate (Radha-25) 7/14/2012
15. Love: Loverboy As I Am, So Helpless (Radha-26) 7/14/2012
16. Love: The Fanatics Behind (Radha-28) 7/14/2012
17. Love: My Dissection (Radha-29) 7/14/2012
18. Love Me 7/15/2012
19. Love: What Is There To Be Mere Physical? (Radha-14) 7/16/2012
20. Love: The Permutation And Combination Of Love The Union (Radha-22) 7/19/2012
21. Love Hurt 7/26/2012
22. Love: Without You (Radha-6) 8/3/2012
23. Love: Who Can Stop You? (Radha-33) 8/6/2012
24. Love: To Be With You (Radha-32) 8/6/2012
25. Love: Will He Come Back? (Radha-34) 8/6/2012
26. Love: The History (Radha-35) 8/8/2012
27. Love: The Path (Radha-36) 8/8/2012
28. Love: You And Me (Radha-37) 8/12/2012
29. Love: Shamelessness (Radha-38) 8/12/2012
30. Love: Retracing Back (Radha-39) 8/13/2012
31. Love: The Promise (Radha-40) 8/13/2012
32. Love: The Paths Across Me (Radha-41) 8/15/2012
33. Love: The Death Of My Body (Radha-42) 8/15/2012
34. Love: The Light (Radha-44) 8/16/2012
35. Love So Humanly (Radha-31) 8/1/2012
36. Love: The Game Of Love (Radha-30) 8/1/2012
37. Love: Lost In Love (Radha-9) 8/3/2012
38. Love: And You Left Me (Radha-5) 8/3/2012
39. Love: The Sigh Unknown 8/3/2012
40. Love: Are You Coming Really? 7/30/2012

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Love, Unseen

Mother feeds her baby with her milk
Soldier gives away his life for his countrymen
Father earns money for his family
Flower is plucked to be offered to God
One forsakes one's love for another
The sun gives away all its energy
The moon shine in the sky defining beauty
The tree bears fruit every year
The flower emits its aroma as a duty
The cloud carries water from the far away sea
The seasons come one after another
Everybody is busy in putting nails in coffin
Alas! very few understands the love unseen.

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Love Me

Love me not when you want to
I don't want to be displayed
on the stand
And to be picked up when....

I want to fly
IN and out of the sky
Not because you wish
For which I am not to die.

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