Kumarmani Mahakul Sun Poems

Grass Flowers Kissing Sun

No one is missing, no one is missing,
Every white grass flower is kissing sun,
Autumn sun is bright in day sky of love,
A fable of love is written in fest of joy,

In A Dream Sun Never Sets

East is morning gymnasium,
West is evening gymnasium,
Sun after waking up thinks,
And everyday does exercise,

I Am Sun Rising In Your Sky

I know you are powerful
By your command I rise
I am sun with rays more
To light humanity I come

Swimming Sun

Freshly risen sun has shown face,
Swimming this is in sky's chest,
Swimming this is in water's chest,
No rest, no rest, this is swimming,

Westering Sun

Westering sun like our life is too near to horizon,
Waist not your valuable time, accept right provision.
Whack your despondency it is eleventh moment,
Wheedle don’t, life wheel is too fast in movement.

Sun Is Setting

Birds are chirping to return,
They are in busy to take turn.
Sun is trying to have new burn,
Evening is ready here to learn.

Like Sun This Power Of Soul Is

Sun is very big and powerful,
Continuously glowing in light.
But soul is very tiny point,
Self luminous light glows more.

Dreamy Dawn's Sun

A dreamy dawn has arrived
Near hand of this flying bridge,
A man walking ahead watches,
Behind coconut tree this sun,

Sun's Smile

Opening little and hiding little
Behind morning trees sun is smiling,
Watching little and feeling more
We are singing new morning song.

Slither Dear Child Sun

Dawn has remarked appearance,
Wisdom has started enlightening,
In this beginning of new day,
Dear child sun, you slither.

Sun Is Bowing Before West

The time has tuned sweet song
East has started hiding in dark
Moon has come out early to dance
Sun is eager to donate rays too.

Let Me Rise Like Sun

Sun is powerful filled with rays
Rays travel very long, long way.
I know science evaluates these
I want to spread rays of life.

Efficacy Of Powerful Sun

Sun is ever successful in producing,
Various rays of light for this Earth,
All trees, hills and creatures together,
They like to drink nectar of light more.

Gliding With Golden Sun

With continuous motion of new flight,
In the misty sky and in dreamy mood,
Sun shows face and tenderly smiles,
We rubbing our sleepy eyes wake up!

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