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Life is not secure
With tragedies
And miseries
All around

The habits to earn
Benefits from others
Evoke self-centeredness
And convert people

In a cool winter evening
Sitting by the fireplace
Looking at the rainy shower
My heart dampened

It seems wonderful
To act like an empress
With rosy smooth skin
Straight silky hairs

I can't stop
The sunlight
Peeping through the window
Of my bedside.

Let us look ahead with confidence
And move forward with optimism,
For a peaceful change,
Stability and prosperity

I can see
The shining beauty of love
In my mother's soothing smile.
I can see

Sometimes our decisions
make no sense
And have no reason
Yet, we follow them

As the grey evening arrives
Flocks of birds fly towards West
To their nests for rest
School children

May be it is stupid
But it did happen
Months back
I lost my poem

Give me a break!
Just to do nothing
And to think nomore
And to stop listening

How far can we feel
Nothing's wrong
Nothing bad is to happen
Its audacious to predict

Bitterness in life
Cannot be avoided
Without emotional involvement.
Though, we try

Hope is my best friend
Once it said to me that
'If you celebrate my arrival
I would stay with you

Melodies of birds,
Fragrance of flowers,
Cascades of waterfall,
Freshness of morning,

An empty brain
Keeps things simple
And makes them extraordinary
By flourishing a thought

The Best Poem Of Surayya Abbas

A Journey Through The Awkward Seas!

Life is not secure
With tragedies
And miseries
All around
Yet, difficulties
Can be sought out
With internal wisdom
And beauty
So pure
So bright.

The missing links
Make the innards co-ordinate
With brain
And all customise
In right direction
To sail through the awkward seas
In coracle of reverie.


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Akram Saqib 28 February 2009

hi would you please spend few precious moments to comment on my poems. i think they will be a source of joy for you.

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