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1. Ragging Sucks 6/19/2013
2. No More Acid Bottles 6/18/2013
3. A Story 6/22/2013
4. Friends 6/24/2013
5. Human Species 6/27/2013
6. Prize Rings 7/17/2013
7. My Apex 6/23/2013
8. Naxals Give Us Wounds 6/20/2013
9. Girls Are Helpless? 6/16/2013
10. An Incident Of Delhi 6/16/2013
11. Wind 7/8/2013
12. Knowing God 8/24/2013
13. Complex 9/28/2013
14. Anna Hazare And Corruption 6/28/2013
15. Voice Of A Rapist 6/16/2013
16. Woman Or Witch? 6/17/2013
17. God's Grandeur 8/6/2013
18. Equality 7/21/2013
19. On Killing A Girl 6/16/2013
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On Killing A Girl

Do you believe
my gender
yeah, i am a girl
from the country
where child ratio is so low
we are killed
in the womb
just to get a son
so mean
do you believe it
we are so pathatic
i want justice
what government is doing
do you see them all
what is happening in delhi
who wonders?
i am from the land
where gandhi ji was born
i need non violence
so i am appealing
please stop this killing
you know this world lies on
the shoulder of girls.

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Woman Or Witch?

have you ever wondered
what would be your condition
when you are proclaimed a witch
so terrible the experience may be
but dear reader, if you want to know
just travel to some villages of Bihar and Rajasthan,
women are treated as if they were a witch
they are beaten endlessly, sometimes being killed,
and people take pride doing this

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