Voice Of A Rapist Poem by survi sharma

Voice Of A Rapist

Rating: 3.9

O fair lady
where are you going
don't you know
it is going to be twelve
though you are wondering
are you not afraid of the rapists
who just play with your skin
and give you just a life long pain


The inner sense is good and its form interesting.Though a usual question, we must remember that Keechaka (he who was killed by Bhimasena) and DevendraRaja of Devas) are awaiting to embrace girls.Be vigilant.Don't be trapped in attractive offers or words.Life is personal.Share only when you are independent and with one quite sure of partner's.integrity, Never go alone for parties or fine excuses to avoid such lonely situations.Self protections is the best protection, Try to reach home or hostel before long in night or be with other people at the Waiting room of the railway/bus stand.Avoid isolation that lure rapists. I feel it would be good to keep on certain limited number of syllable to maintain rhythm.May be ascending or in descending order.. Our spirit and emotional stress decides such factors..Observe Nature, read Puranas and history to find similarities for simile/metaphorical uses. I expect good poems from you further.Go on writing and editing and publishing.My God bless you.

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Vishal Sharma 16 June 2013

it is certainly the voice of a rapist it is how he lures women amazing creation and brillent concept.

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Somaye Sadeghi 17 June 2013

it's tragedy .............................

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Vineet Chhikara 17 June 2013

is rapist saying this all... i mean rapists dont do much talking....

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R.j. Wynn 17 June 2013

I like it sister, very revealing.

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Kinjal Sharma 08 August 2013

rapist must be hanged a great message delivered poet

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Indranil Bhaduri 22 June 2013

Superb expression.. so meaningful and relevant. Great job.

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Kelly Seale 20 June 2013

wicked men, seducing charm... be wary of them, that will do you harm. cross your legs, lock your doors... for once they take you, you're labeled whores. -survi, if I could protect the innocence from 3 things... it would be 1) rape and molestation,2) child abuse and neglect, and 3) prevention of suicide. Intriguing Write! Loved it! ; -) Kelly.

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Anoop Nair 20 June 2013

Short and sweet and again a thought provoking subject.Well done.This is probably your best work.(not to undermine the other poems they are also absolute gems)

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Ckim Mbasa 19 June 2013

Haa, wat was your mood when you wrote this poem? It's a poem of its kind. Nice poetry sister.

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