Woman Or Witch? Poem by survi sharma

Woman Or Witch?

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have you ever wondered
what would be your condition
when you are proclaimed a witch
so terrible the experience may be
but dear reader, if you want to know
just travel to some villages of Bihar and Rajasthan,
women are treated as if they were a witch
they are beaten endlessly, sometimes being killed,
and people take pride doing this
are we living under better infrastructure,
no my friend, it is a slur on the face of our country,
we have to clean it with the passage of time.

Sallam Yassin 17 June 2013

and no chance to make our communities become better with that evil of superiority of men and we call that culture or maybe religion that is fake and nonsense bravo well done

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R.j. Wynn 17 June 2013

gREAT AND BRAVE POEM, keep it up and thanks for stopping by my page, please read my poems too.

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Farah Ilyas 18 June 2013

Bihar and Rajasthan, don't only they have such doing, its all occurs in all over the world, indeed slur on the face of our world...keep on raising ur voice young girl

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Shreya Nair 18 June 2013

i liked it..... and you are right. but remember only idiots screw up with witches... when they unite world will kneel.

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Kavya . 19 June 2013

well done again...a very bold write indeed

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Sekharan Pookkat 20 April 2015

What a pathetic condition- I cant imagine such a condition- please bring this on public

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Anamika Jalan 06 August 2013

yeah, a very sad issue it do happens in our country till today

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Heather Wilkins 11 July 2013

In the olden days in my country a witch was taken out a good write

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Prashant Chowdhary Roy 10 July 2013

hey survi sharma clear your thought first then write something... witch is not a negative thing... The first thing to be clear about is that it was Christianity who condemned the word `witch'; otherwise, it was one of the most respected words, as respected as `mystic' - a wise man. It simply meant a wise woman, the parallel to a wise man. have fun.....

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Prashant Chowdhary Roy 10 July 2013

Eighty percent of India's population lives in villages, where you can see the real hardship that the woman goes through. She has been going through that hardship for centuries, and the season does not change. If you look into this fact then this statement becomes anti- revolutionary, this statement becomes a consolation: Accept the slavery of man, accept the torture of the man.

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