Anna Hazare And Corruption Poem by survi sharma

Anna Hazare And Corruption

Rating: 3.9

I am astounded to see the deluge of people
surging out to support him
certainly corruption is not a part of their life
It has been imposed on them
they denounce it with full might
they have shown that the country will
No more be governed by the corrupt leaders,
they are ready to make any sacrifice
to uproot this diabolic trend
the septugenerian, though his limbs are at the loggerhead
his spirit is amazing,
he has lit the flame
now, its our duty, not to let it go
and carry it at the destination.

Ratnakar Mandlik 28 June 2013

Thanks for d invite. Anna Hazare had aroused nation-wide strong protests against corruption and a hope that it could soon be erradicated. However, as we have witnessed the vested interests in the established system worked overtime to create fissures in that movement with the result that everything now is as it was. I liked the spirit and force with which u have penned down the poem. Keep it up.

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David Wood 28 June 2013

Anybody who is anti corruption is an asset to society. A lovely poem.

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Actually as the Maharashtra Governor Mr..Sankara Narayanan(a former Congress leader) visited him and commented high and a model Gandhian. Gandhiji actually made a mistake by calling Firoze Khan- Firoze Gandhi to get Mrs.Indira Gandhi married to him with the unwilling consent of Nehru, her father.So now, Nehru family drowned in history and Gandhi family flourishes. Actual Gandhi's children are behind the curtain. Where are they in history or politics? Achary Vinoba Bhave, Jayaprakash Narayan and Anna Hazare are the chain of Gandhian spirit.Your poem is fine. Write more; try to sustain rhythm too as life is rhythmic.Some nursery rhymes will help for it.

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C. P. Sharma 28 June 2013

Well penned poem on the public theme. Although Anna set ablaze the path to free India from corruption, but those in Government and politics are very powerful a long battle has to be fought for it at several levels. Let not the flame extinguish.

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Ramesh Rai 28 June 2013

good one. plz read my poem bhookh hartal n nother is AUCTION created in 1975. had u said it is poetry i could believe it.

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Vishal Sharma 18 August 2013

a powerful notion needs a salute

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Tajudeen Shah 19 July 2013

dear Survi Good morning. I must request your good self, with all humility, to examine profoundly the intentions of our political and social leaders, who claim themselves as emancipators. Unfortunate are we the innocent mass, who crave to support all the evil hawks around, not really knowing who is who. This is time, I request you and all the other bards born in this beautiful planet to contemplate and device your option for the real release of the poor mass from the bondage of misinterpreted political, social and cultural themes. Your poem burned me to flame the above thought. God Bless, and before posting any thought, have your critical eyes flash over it slowly. Only we can change the world. Take good care, love and regards, respect and prayers for you and all.

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Vipins Puthooran 10 July 2013

corruption is a well-rooted plant, but who can say that 'twill wither out oneday/ a good theme and a fine poem...

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Dinesan Madathil 06 July 2013

Late by a year or more to write on Hazare! The deluge of people going to him is a dream as of now. You may please edit the words ' the old man' as ' the septuagenarian' as your coinage looks disrespectful.

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Jenie Franksay 02 July 2013

awesome.... good write.. you are a true patriot

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