On Killing A Girl Poem by survi sharma

On Killing A Girl

Rating: 4.7

Do you believe
my gender
yeah, i am a girl
from the country
where child ratio is so low
we are killed
in the womb
just to get a son
so mean
do you believe it
we are so pathatic
i want justice
what government is doing
do you see them all
what is happening in delhi
who wonders?
i am from the land
where gandhi ji was born
i need non violence
so i am appealing
please stop this killing
you know this world lies on
the shoulder of girls.

Dinesan Madathil 17 June 2013

Your poem points finger at a grave reality gripping India. Beyond your engineering course and its ranges may your poetic talents exult in course of time.

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Aric Beers 19 June 2013

Tragedy like this is occurring the world over and it's sickening to watch. Glad to see someone speaking out. Thanks

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Kelly Seale 21 June 2013

And in their hearts, they too shame us all for this injustice... For girls are the most valid means of continuing life and sustaining love. - survi, you are a great spokeswoman for Lady India! Brovo! ; -) Kelly.

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Indranil Bhaduri 22 June 2013

I find your poems amazing..the voice of all the females.. go on....

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Hazel Durham 22 June 2013

It is a terrible crime against females......If more people speak out about this atrocity it will have to be stopped! Powerful write!

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A poem from a young heart, that his the nail on its head. This ‘son mania' is prevalent only in North India. And it is the mother of the boy, who torture his wife if she does not bear a son. Shackled to the fetters of false beliefs, they are.

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Kim Barney 22 February 2015

Wonderful poem. Extremely well-written.

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Kinjal Sharma 08 August 2013

the workdone is so cheap they all are haters

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Anamika Jalan 06 August 2013

terrific mindset of the society and our people

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Ramesh Rai 05 July 2013

raise your voice against such terrible crime against female. a powerful and matured write. keep it up.

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