swetha vankayalapati Poems

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Silence At Daybreak

In darks, in prolific sands with sprinkles of rain,
Springs up a greening deed, the seed with a grin!

Teeny it learns of its teeming plants, is a part

As If

in streets of tears, darkness as trees,
in graves lie dreams, agony rustles
as there comes a serein,
thy always brought up a rosarin!

In Bruises

Promises made in haste
slow to take an offence;
Thoughts slur through flowing tears,
pain meanders on passing memories;

Who Am I?

Let me put the words
What I feel atleast
This moment for theeā€¦

Ur Indian

Days begin with praying hands
in holy waters to the deity
days forbidden in thy waters
unburnt bodies of dead;


If only beauty is woman and nature
I venture
to say you this:

Siskin, A Sinister

a night....staggering with lakka bonanza,
often pursue I, after a girl baby sold,
working shadow glimpsed 'tis haunting eyes,
wobbling to the target.......

Ballerina O Marina

Ballet dance,
art lies in resilience.
with feet under grace!
Hold your silence for music in distance

Fire Painting With Water

Not from sky, from the art of nature,
i drove my grooves to flow with time!
I'm filled in the crisp crystals with care,
i have that purity darkness is ashame of!

Beat Bursts

A wisp of my hair is jury mast knot
with boundless time in each slot.
Touch of this far cry is damn brown
ecletic music i hear is fine drawn.

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