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Ur Indian - Poem by swetha vankayalapati

Days begin with praying hands
in holy waters to the deity
days forbidden in thy waters
unburnt bodies of dead;
To kill a worm on plants,
we spread poison in soils and waters
wiping out a village from our map
where the mother's milk is of pesticides;
know it as a political hand!

power cut ends up farmer's life
leaving villages to city life
living across factories disposal,
livelihood on lies, food from thy waters
healthcheckup in government hospitals
thy sophisticated doctors knew treating dead bodies
know it as a careless hand!

History only knew we taught peace to 'tis world
my kids only knew to make a game out of skeleton
my women only knew what dowry system has to do
we present domestic violence on them
she carries a womb, for its a daughter, we deny
waiting for a son!
Raise killing his dreams, having no penny
learn his suicide reading his letter,
he died of no love to his life!
know it as a corruption hand thy killed his dreams! !

My solidiers spirits only knew thy enemy,
thy family only knew what thy lost along with them;
not accidents that always we hear
its incidents we never dare again to hear
attacking with acids, burning alive
children born without organs,
stolen body organs.......
know it as a lustful hand cursing! !

ask me what right
have I to write....
for a reason I started writing
you might know
not knowing a way to run away
from thy hands, awaiting a helping hand...

Comments about Ur Indian by swetha vankayalapati

  • (8/27/2012 2:11:00 PM)

    We are passing through a rough patch of time. God willing it will get over soon. Corruption and despotism is hallmark of Indian politics. Thanks for the compassion towards have-nots.
    Please do read my poem EVOLUTION OF SHAME along similar lines.
    God bless.
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  • (7/17/2012 3:51:00 AM)

    A voice against the despoilers of our Earth, for the soil, the trees, the animals, the people, the land and the love of life. Well done. (Report) Reply

  • Oludipe Oyin Samuel (7/13/2012 9:31:00 AM)

    ...not accidents we always hear
    it's incidents we never dare to hear again...
    THOSE LINES STRUCK ME. Well, all is and will be well. I must say Swetha, you know what you.'re doing and you've got concrete intelligence
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  • Praneeth Remidi (7/8/2012 2:15:00 AM)

    Hi Swetha! you have put the modern India in just a few lines....great! ! ! ! (Report) Reply

  • Neela Nath Das (6/29/2012 7:59:00 AM)

    Nice write Swetha! Simply loved it. (Report) Reply

  • Unwritten Soul (6/28/2012 4:45:00 AM)

    A great write, I am not Indian but Indian i believe there is lot of opportunity and potential to rise one more time, you got intelligence, colorful cultures, with bit new flavors in new era, I believe India will create another history that can stand with your past glory time, it just a bout time and people....people who decide, to change a movement is by heart, heart by heart in governing new entity..you got the strong base, even not as strong as long time ago, but it still can be a basement for building same glory...in your own shape. To Indian, proud to be Indian, i am not but i always believe the potential is there but something need to fix to bring a firework bombard in the sky again, as a celebration of new rise...India...lot to do but it is not impossible_Unwritten Soul (Report) Reply

  • (6/28/2012 4:35:00 AM)

    what you have written here is, the reality and the happenings in most of the developing nations in the world, but what we have contributed to our societies and the nations is the million dollar question and I, myself, must agree that I have not done anything for the society for the betterment of it, so I have no right to ask you such question. Any way let us spread the message of unity to our people to cooperate to prosper and we do not need any helping hand or the Indian graduates who have gone to work in the developed nations and give up the citizenship and getting themselves naturalized. Shame on them, except a few, who have graduated from the state fund and do not help the poor Indian in any kind.. (Report) Reply

  • Prakhar Mishra (6/28/2012 12:14:00 AM)

    no m not awaiting a helping hand..................u got to know the history of ours is the richest as i have been studying loads of books over that. and u know why sometimes we have to say these words its just because we r changing and going in way which is making us to move back and forth...........it was never the situation when the things were complete indian like when sanskrit survived and the great stories of real fighters, the fundamental cause is that we cant remain urselves......so we worth back and forth motion......as u can also see some fellows are just being multi billionaires and some are too poor..thats just because we r not helping ourselves and tend to live for us only and thats not an indian way to live (Report) Reply

  • Heather Wilson (6/27/2012 11:46:00 AM)

    I hope many prayers are answered, a fantastic write. (Report) Reply

  • (6/27/2012 3:32:00 AM)

    a touching poem based on true realities..which are hard to be forgotten.... (Report) Reply

  • (6/26/2012 10:18:00 AM)

    A true honest soulful poem from the heart! Well done (Report) Reply

  • (6/26/2012 8:31:00 AM)

    Statement of facts indeed a job ell done (Report) Reply

  • Nontobeko Dlamini (6/26/2012 7:29:00 AM)

    A society that bleeds from the heart, peace is an illusion nicely played by the politicians. (Report) Reply

  • Renu Kakkar (6/26/2012 4:45:00 AM)

    good thought provoking poem.....a few lines need a revisit as at some places they become to lengthy as compared to the other lines in the verses (Report) Reply

  • Diane Hine (6/25/2012 7:06:00 PM)

    So difficult to bring change to a country with so many people and deep traditions and many problems.
    Excellent poem.
    (Report) Reply

  • (6/25/2012 1:38:00 PM)

    A really fantastic poem, like it. A great write. (Report) Reply

  • Zubiya Surti (6/24/2012 10:16:00 AM)

    I salute your poem.you know, poem can transform, it can change hearts.This poem is very true.You have highlighted our problems.Keep writing......... (Report) Reply

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