Siskin, A Sinister Poem by swetha vankayalapati

Siskin, A Sinister

Rating: 3.9

a night....staggering with lakka bonanza,
often pursue I, after a girl baby sold,
working shadow glimpsed 'tis haunting eyes,
wobbling to the target.......
...a woman, with a spade, digging muds!

she incessantly pierc'd a spade conquering airs
into my throats, next I see it.....
a girl baby lay still.....
disputing silence, answering my haunting eyes
she uttered 'my baby.....poisoned.
I gave it! ....

Preached I, kill you a lottery!
money no more...
felony a felony...! !
rather the spade still;

Diminishing starlight on my sweat drops,
hear I to her, in reluctance:
'Breathe I only, thy lustful eyes' airs
full of roses thorns;
breathe thy, only airs of roses with sap,
thy sip dew mine...Nay! , due quench
I tears under drowning darkness;
Die I all nights along ceasing night's darkness,
soul mine hath no alar to share pain mine!

Piercing the spade she shuddered
'Yet you're no less a scheme to shovel
grim instincts to whim erects!
of supremacy is poverty,
of sloth alike you is 'tis prostitute's life...! !
No mor'....
she withdrew the spade....!

Need no a protagonist,
for believe I, a beast in all...
Need no a protagonist,
for slaughtered am, by all...
no more I raise a life for 'tis world
no more a mor'...

Leaving her, gathered I, old soul incernated...
walking for loneliness,
turning back saw, follow a couple;
a girl baby put thy in my hands,
demanded money in their hands,
What now, I do...?

'O innocent beautiful bird
man feeds on your flesh
tearing your wings!
orders you to fly high
above the clouds to escape rains! !
fly...away from 'tis nest!
you carry,
holyness in your birth;
pain throughout life;
sin after death;
fly away from 'tis nest!
never cease to mind who a sinister is.....
Who is a sinister? '

Indira Babbellapati 21 June 2012

pain, rebellion, helplessness set the tone of this poem... there's no exaggeration in the scene portrayed. a social issue of relevance dealt deftly!

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Neela Nath Das 17 June 2012

You depicted the tragedy of our society.Very true.Great work Swetha!

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Unwritten Soul 20 June 2012

It was darker ink and shadowed images used to appear in this poem...It makes me thing about hard life, real one and the other side in different rights. The rhetoric question left there make a good conclusion to fit readers mind.what they feel and what they is a good poem, u reveal all out..keep it up :) write more and thanks for inviting Swetha_Unwritten Soul

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Kasia Fedyk 21 June 2012

Swetha, this is great poem, reading it I found myself in the pages of history, feeling the touch of darkness and pain, finding oneself on the arms of just must knowing its is not what is mean to be. An incredible write. I love it

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Valerie Dohren 22 June 2012

Great poem, heartfelt and emotive write.

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Elena Sandu 15 July 2012

Powerful write! Indeed Pain truthfully flying with heavy wings, with each flap one tear made of blood... I can feel flipping and crashing hearts, my fingers hardly type..

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Oludipe Oyin Samuel 13 July 2012

poignant to its best. The pain brings out the bitter truth. Thumbs up, for the lines are awesome

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Ken E Hall 28 June 2012

Life isn't always a bowl of cherries the dark side of life is the path we do not tread, thought provoking poem...regards

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Renu Kakkar 26 June 2012

A good thought provoking poem, .....good flow of words

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Vipins Puthooran 23 June 2012

poignant in all dimensions/deserve the best! ! !

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