In Bruises Poem by swetha vankayalapati

In Bruises

Rating: 4.2

Promises made in haste
slow to take an offence;
Thoughts slur through flowing tears,
pain meanders on passing memories;

Somewhere, the best of thoughts thrown,
sum up, few, from dirts thrown,
some words in my frown,
have hurt you I reckon!


If seeds flow with wings,
in spirits to drink this pain
I'ld have sent them to you...!


If nightmares have souls,
I'ld have warned you
to be cautious, 'I'll hurt you'...! !


If faith has no desires
I'ld have never showered
my love on you...! ! !

If you exist there in pain,
its even in my vein
we are no vain
to show this world
pain exists dear...

let, rest in breathing rivals
I stand infront of my mirror...
in bruises!

Sharad Juneja 17 June 2012

Sorry........ Sorry.....Sorry.......................I would have felt for me if I would have missed this beautiful work of urs.............

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Indira Babbellapati 14 June 2012

u hv versified an intangible emotion in an excellent manner... i can literally touch the bruises!

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Elena Sandu 14 June 2012

Misterious air sneaks into my breathe...whoever done any wrong to me forgiven may be. Your poem filled my whole being...feel no more pain. Thank you!

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Darkangel Flyfree 13 June 2012

A very good poem indeed. I like the flow of this one.

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Shashank Dwivedi 13 June 2012

nyc poetry by a nyc poet

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Heather Wilkins 07 October 2013

a powerful poem. Love is never saying your sorry. a bruise is difficult to heal.

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Rigzin Namgyal 26 September 2012

..powerful writing left me in bruises..

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Oludipe Oyin Samuel 13 July 2012

powerful, mind-reflecting piece. A 10+

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The thoughts and memory of what has happen, lie upon the days in which look back, of the pain, of the tears, and of what should have been done but was not done, the central tendency of emotions also takes part of the bruise, and then makes sounds of all the thorn and feared moments, Great Reflection as always The_African_Son T_A_S (Th³_ªfR¹cª¬_šºN)

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Spiritual Seeker 22 June 2012

Absolutely beautiful...the play of words and meanings. excellent read! A great 10.

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