Beat Bursts Poem by swetha vankayalapati

Beat Bursts

Rating: 4.3

A wisp of my hair is jury mast knot
with boundless time in each slot.
Touch of this far cry is damn brown
ecletic music i hear is fine drawn.

Falling hail stones i enrich for a drupe,
heat of greed to warm and grope
my molten tears, before sinking dreams
for carving my wounds.

Puff of wind hit hard in transient glance
water splashed on my face,
i woke up with defty fists
left foolishness on a knife rest.

Wearing wild lily in my hair
i dance to blende each feather
to wings in wipping rarefactions
to thy music resonating heartbeats hshh! !


You know how much i enjoy rhyme? , and i am sure for a fact that the rhyme was dedictated to me :) ha ha ha ha, but with much joy i really acknowledge the rhyme, it has added to the magnÏficent fabrication of this great pen, and the words in each portion of the poem indeed represent the true comfort of expression in as far as harmony is by much concerned, i enjoyed the tender write, .... Very lovely and superb The_African_Son

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Pheko Motaung 18 July 2012

A beautiful poem! You're the poet supreme of our pride.Thank you

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Praneeth Remidi 18 July 2012

rhyming is really impressive, but can u tel me the context for better understanding!

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A little difficult to follow the meanings but best of poems in rhythm and recitation. Nice poem.

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Neela Nath Das 31 July 2012

A great work Swetha.Well-rhymed, nice word play.Mr.Bob Wynn is right.Nothing is left.Really.

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everything within oneself. Well written. thank u for reading and commenting. Try reading some more pls.

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Vipins Puthooran 23 July 2012

Excellent use of words and rhyme; and an amazing poem! ! ! ! ! Top markssss! ! ! !

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Heather Wilson 23 July 2012

A beautiful poem, a joy to read.

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