As If Poem by swetha vankayalapati

As If

Rating: 3.7

in streets of tears, darkness as trees,
in graves lie dreams, agony rustles
as there comes a serein,
thy always brought up a rosarin!

He sews gossamers of hues
with sun rays as needles,
on every rose leaf to another,
to bathe and flux in leaf greens!

'gliding gliding in pools of
rushing rushing on gossamers,
swirling swirling in honey,
not an interlude I land
here shaking hand with an ant,
touching backs of glow worms! '

By now tired, look up for delicious night;
He sits on the crescent moon
filling voids of hunger by music
of bloating stars at his finger tips!

Of no residence, every hook I rejoice
in conveyance, He use no corner to sermonize,
carry my senses through his sight
encircling distances despite!

in quiver, its warmth upto brims
rolling down as I breathe,
a mere time enclosed between
percolating water drops,
flapping wings.......
......only tears pure of joy
short for a while!

Kasia Fedyk 07 July 2012

Swetha, this is incredible the visualization is profound, the flow is perfect, the beauty as if...... Sublime!

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Ramesh Rai 07 July 2012

xlent imagination, nice compose. always keep writing.

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Valerie Dohren 07 July 2012

Very good imagery used here - great write.

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Danny Draper 07 July 2012

Interesting language and very descriptive. Not familiar with serenin and rosarin and it may have assisted to define these words in the Notes section to enhance the readers understanding. 

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Babatunde Aremu 11 July 2012

This poem is full of imageries. I like the rhyme and the flow. Great write

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Ramesh Rai 30 June 2013

i agree with Hans n bro Romeo / keep writing

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Romeo Della Valle 26 July 2012

I also think that this well penned write is thought provoking with rich imagery! I really enjoyed and I can tell you honestly, it is amazing! 10+++ A great entrance into the Poetry World! Thank you for sharing and keep inspiring the World with more! God Bless You! Romeo-New; York City!

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Nontobeko Dlamini 16 July 2012

The rich use of metaphor and a little simile created these unique original images. The repetition in the third stanza moves the poem along. It rise and falls magicaly like a story line, sure dreams do. Its a masterpiece!

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Hans Vr 14 July 2012

Not easy to interpret fast but I see it as a wonderful voyage in the dreams of a person who is elevated from his suffering by daring to imagine wonderful things at the time of sunset, and who shares his flight of ideas with you. Even without understanding the true story behind the poem, it is a pleasure to read the wonderful images you paint in this surreal masterpiece.

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Broad-range imagescape and an abstractive storyline of intrigue highlights this fine verse ~FjR~

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