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My hobby is writing.
I am sixty one.
sixty 61.
I love reading good poems also.

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The Lonely Bird.

There's a bird up high, above
In solitude, standing on the lamppost
While the morning is still cool
I lift up my head to watch

The Interpreter Of Dreams.

Yesterday I had a dream
It was strange yet real
I dreamt I had some money from my sister
Who dig it out of a grave

A Letter To Jesus.

Sweet Jesus, sweet Jesus

How can I forget you during valentine
True and lovely

What Is Love?

God is a sentimental God
God teaches us how to live
God cares
God knows what we like

Rain Is God's Invention.

What a sudden!
You even make me write
_ A poem

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13 February 2021

' Hyraxes's high living__ safe in their burrows, minding their own business, looking out, down and beyond. What a life! '

13 February 2021

Have you seen someone who wanted death but death is far way?

13 February 2021

Love should bloom from your heart not from your eyes.

13 February 2021

If you give to someone who has plenty will you be rewarded? But if you give, make sure you receive an appreciation.

13 February 2021

If you ever sensed toxicity, quickly walk away unless you want to add sorrow to your life.

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Sy wong 08 January 2020

Yeah Kesav, life...Thank you.

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Kesav Easwaran 07 January 2020

You said that loud. And truly said. A good poem on life mundane 10

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