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There's a bird up high, above
In solitude, standing on the lamppost
While the morning is still cool
I lift up my head to watch

Yesterday I had a dream
It was strange yet real
I dreamt I had some money from my sister
Who dig it out of a grave

Sweet Jesus, sweet Jesus

How can I forget you during valentine
True and lovely

God is a sentimental God
God teaches us how to live
God cares
God knows what we like

What a sudden!
You even make me write
_ A poem

The World is sick
Don't believe?

The world is deprived

My neighbour's big tree is just beside my fences
And has a lot of leaves
During, ah..when the wind blows
I love to keep my yard clear of leaves

Monsoon rain
I love your arrival
Your coolness

Money is what I need
Sometimes more, sometimes less
I'll suffer without money
With money, life is good

Daughter I am missing you
I know where you are, but still missing you
You hugged me recently
You said to me, 'goodbye'

green is the planet
green is living
green is lovely
green is irreplaceable


Young moon
Old moon
Crescent moon

My hair is turning white
I know
Do I need to dye?
By plucking the whites?

Faith is believing
Faith is convincing
Faith is the truth to me
Please don't question me

This life you need to live it
Live it, live it, live it
Live something out of it
You can be happy

Wait time wait..
O you are deaf!
Your line is, 'Go on, don't look back! '
'It's none of my business! '

Comes to think of it
Although it's sad
Keep on dreaming
At this age

Have a beautiful mind
Saturated with goodness
No evil is permitted
Good deeds are counted

Golden Rain
When the Sun shines through you
You turn into gold

Wear red
Red is fierce
Wear bright
As bright as you can

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My hobby is writing. I am sixty one. sixty 61. I love reading good poems also.)

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The Lonely Bird.

There's a bird up high, above
In solitude, standing on the lamppost
While the morning is still cool
I lift up my head to watch
Majestic and confident is the bird
Like an icon, in silence stood
While the rest flocks and mingles
He is good and still stood, as if knowing all
Knowing life, knowing well
I can tell of his vigilant eyes
Observing the winds and its directions
From above..

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Sy wong 08 January 2020

Yeah Kesav, life...Thank you.

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Kesav Easwaran 07 January 2020

You said that loud. And truly said. A good poem on life mundane 10

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SY Wong ... Quotes

' Hyraxes's high living__ safe in their burrows, minding their own business, looking out, down and beyond. What a life! '

Have you seen someone who wanted death but death is far way?

Love should bloom from your heart not from your eyes.

If you give to someone who has plenty will you be rewarded? But if you give, make sure you receive an appreciation.

If you ever sensed toxicity, quickly walk away unless you want to add sorrow to your life.

got stuck in between friends and foes but, my God said, ' Do not quit.'

When cars are concerned, you have more than you can chew, always on the lookout still.

If wives are comparable to cars, it is better to have more cars than to have more 'wives'.

A family man will think of what 's good for the family.

A godly neighbour who gives no trouble is hard to find. Better still it is to have those who do not covet over what you have, also, try to be good yourself.

They said Heaven is above and Hell is below, where are we but in a sandwiched state.

Been through winter harsh and cold, looking forward to beautiful spring.

It is possible to have heaven down here. All we got to do is to be more like Christ, living angels among angels.

Heaven is within you.

Remember the time you were in poverty.

Poverty preaches nobility, share and care, spirit of unity.

When forgetfulness eats, it is a type of insanity, you will be deprived of life.

I know my existence here is good and real, whether or not I ponder over death at all it 'll sure receive me one day, with red roses maybe, I hope.

The rain, the rain, is the same water of yesterdays's rain. God has a wonderful way to purify and send them down over and over again.

The Moon has many friends all over the world who look towards her majesty when they are lonely or depressed.

The Sun has an eternal life given by God. The Sun is the same today, as it was yesterday and will be the same tomorrow.

It is possible to have many 'thirty-nine' dollars's bills to be added to my collection, but, I have only a year of aged 'thirty-nine' to live. Why 'thirty-nine', '39'?

Like many others I believe there is only one supreme God who does not need to create another, that's why 'God' is spelled 'God'.

Flowers are beautifully created for tired eyes.

We'll be transformed gloriously before entering, not 'poor' in spirit of course.No other form but that glorious form.

Money, time and health of course.

Roses are flowers left by angels, brought down with its scent unimpaired.

The colors of Spring maybe pink with less green.

When we all the time think about death rather than liveliness, death will soon catch up faster than we think.

Be far from the dying unless you want to be a follower.

Only a fool cultivates the exotic orchids for the bears while there is a forest full of bamboos.

Happiness promotes happiness. Give, put on a smiling face and make someone sad happy.

With that much of happiness and gladness in life, death is noway.

Will the Moon ever shine again like before? May the smiles never fade? Covid?

If only I can say to Death, 'Take me for I have another life desired out there waiting.'

I can start living the life I desire if only Death won't come too soon.

Do not plead with Death. Death is deader than you think.

A home is more beautiful if adorned, peaceful, with lovely people.

Let your action be guided with a good conscience. Imagine God is always watching even if you do not believe.

Children will experience what their parents experienced when they arrive at junctures they've stood.

No one is against you in fact; Yet you sometimes think that everyone is an enemy and even your 'self' is against you.

My God, my Lord, I do not know much about Heaven and its physics, only a glimpse of it is revealed. I must start living and think less about it.

If God did not resolve your dental problems or replace the tooth that's gone when you pray, it does not mean that God does not exist but believe that dentists are also created by God.

Marriage should be a union, not any manner of kidnapping.

Nightmares are better, they are usually more vivid compared to dreams.

Dreams and nightmares are spiritual messages printed in 'blue italics' by the upper form regarding something or assurances in life, if you are willing to interpret.

Dreams are red wines but nightmares are whiskies.

The only way to judge a curry house is through that long line of people willingly standing in the heat, just for a taste.

Although sleep is referred as ' little death' but the better we sleep the more alive we are.

I heard a crazy one calling someone crazy.

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SY Wong ... Popularity

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