The Interpreter Of Dreams. Poem by SY Wong ...

The Interpreter Of Dreams.

Rating: 3.9

Yesterday I had a dream
It was strange yet real
I dreamt I had some money from my sister
Who dig it out of a grave
Money, mushy, money
It stinks!
Dreams have meanings, I am sure!

Monday, February 25, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: dreams
dreams and interpretations.
Jane Campion 15 June 2019

There are many messages in this wonderful poem.

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Sy Wong 12 September 2019

Jane, i'm glad you can feel the messages. Thanks Jane.

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Kim Barney 15 March 2019

I think some dreams do indeed have meaning; in fact I know they do, because of a dream my mother had before she passed away. She foretold some things that came true very soon thereafter. Congrats on poem of the day!

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Sy Wong 16 March 2019

Yes Kim some dreams have meaning especially the vivid ones..the matter...interpretation. Thanks.

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Julia Luber 15 March 2019

So, have you figured out the meaning of your dream yet?

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Sy Wong. 15 March 2019

I guess so, Julia. Christian believe that God send messages thro, dreams and other ways.. and God knows his message will be received clearly. I believe things you dig out of places like grave is a blessing and when it stinks it involves fame. Thanks Julia.Btw, have you got any so i can help interpret..i may not be good you know LOL.

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M Asim Nehal 15 March 2019

Yes, to interpret a dream is not that simple and every dream guides us, indicate us something that may happen in future.

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Sy Wong. 15 March 2019

You are right.. dreams have meanings, otherwise why we have dreams come when in deep sleep.. some dreams you 'll forget the moment you are awake.. but not some..this type is deep and have meaning..i believe dreams can be a warning or some other meaning. Thanks Asim.

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Anil Kumar Panda 15 March 2019

A beautiful poem with a message. Short and sweet. Congrats.

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Sy Wong. 15 March 2019

Thanks Anil Kumar..I hope the message is a good one.

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