***one Child's Prayer Poem by Sylvi Sylva

***one Child's Prayer

Rating: 3.0

I wish my Daddy would live here
I wish he didn’t have to go away
I wish if he could only for one day
Perhaps tell me he loved me at all
I would have known a father’s mind

I asked Santa, Tooth Fairy and even God
On Sundays and all ordinary days
I wish if he could only for just one day
Pass me by just so I’d wave him goodbye
I would have seen a father’s hand

I pray to God, Tooth Fairy and even Santa
On Sundays and all ordinary days
I wish I could find the bestest prayer
For my mother and all those who talk to me
For they have given me the mostest love



Marcus Czarnecki 06 January 2008

The bestest prayer I know for repaying a debt of gratitude in full is Nam-myoho-renge-kyo May all your precious dreams come true MCz

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Patricia Gale 06 January 2008

A beautiful prayer from a child... thank you for sharing.

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Broken Peaces 06 January 2008

Fully agree with Patricia, some prayers are answered and some wishes are granted. Regards Chris

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L. K. Thayer 06 January 2008

very pure and sweet. check out my poem 'Exit'. It is about my father. thank you.

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Rosalinda Martinez 24 June 2009

a humble prayer. congratulations!

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Seema Chowdhury 01 April 2008

hi Sylvi this is such a lovely poem. i also wrote few poems about parents, perhaps you can read them, you'll be able to relate to them. keep writing, you write from a pure heart and mind. take care seema

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Greenwolfe 1962 28 January 2008

I have to admit that when I read a writing such as this it makes me long for the daughter I never had . I always wanted a little girl. There's something special between a father and daughter that just can't be replaced if it's missing. That's what I find, when I read your words. Whatever your purpose in writing it, that's what it does to me. You know what that means don't you? I means you're a success. Greenwolfe 1962

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Bob Blackwell 09 January 2008

From the heart this one Sylvi, I always wished I knew my Dad better too. Its worth a ten in hope. Keep writing. Bob

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Jerry Hughes 08 January 2008

A delightful suppliction in the language of a child...

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