Sylvia Chidi

Freshman - 710 Points (Germany)

Sylvia Chidi Poems

401. Mama Africa 1/15/2007
402. A Poets Message 10/20/2005
403. Pink Is My Colour 6/30/2006
404. Freedom Is Walking 12/14/2007
405. Stop The War 8/17/2014
406. The Truth In You 3/30/2006
407. The Things I Love With A Passion 4/20/2006
408. People Are People 5/5/2013
409. Sister, My Sister (Sonnet) 11/23/2013
410. What Is Loss? 8/23/2006
411. I Remember My Childhood 9/15/2006
412. Happy Birthday 10/17/2005
413. Farewell My Friend 3/23/2006
414. Confused Sexuality 11/5/2005
415. Round And Round The London Underground 11/30/2005
416. Beautiful! 1/15/2006
417. Without Women 4/11/2006
418. Pollution 1/22/2011
419. A Marriage Of Two 10/25/2005
420. A Car Is Just A Car! 2/23/2006
421. Praise Women 6/6/2006
422. Miss Cinderella's Forgotten Shoe 7/25/2006
423. So Alone! 12/9/2005
424. Say ‘no’ To Drugs 10/26/2008
425. A Bad Or A Good Teacher 7/6/2006
426. Respect, Respect Me 5/7/2006
427. Thank You, Mom 2/5/2006
428. Greed 10/4/2006
429. Down To The Beach 5/11/2006
430. Lego Poem 2/13/2012
431. Kiss Me Slowly 2/12/2006
432. What Is Music To You? 1/22/2006
433. It Is Murder 7/6/2006
434. The Journey Of Life 4/21/2006
435. Cigarette Smoking 12/16/2005
436. The Social Classes 10/14/2005
437. A Poem With The Perfect Rhyme 6/16/2006

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  • mr. jobe (3/7/2018 12:17:00 PM)

    I love it

  • Viola (2/19/2018 1:47:00 PM)

    I like your poem tea or coffee I am a student in foxborough school we used your curions poem for our end glistening lesson

  • Juan Castro (1/30/2018 4:07:00 PM)

    Beautiful poem.

  • Amir Mohammad Islami Chalandar (6/6/2014 7:15:00 AM)

    excellent poems. you are great in explaining your feels. i invite you to read my poem

  • Vishva Pathiranage (2/17/2014 5:46:00 PM)

    Hi are a great writer.Can you write a song for me? I'm a Singer & I would like to sing something you me by mail if you are interesting.

  • Joe Hanus (12/27/2006 5:25:00 PM)

    Sylvia, dear Sylvia, romance is the voyage; committment is the harbor. -Joe Carson City, NV

  • Not Long Left (11/5/2005 6:30:00 AM)

    nice, sensual poem, am not just saying this because i am male, it read well,


Best Poem of Sylvia Chidi

A Poem With The Perfect Rhyme

If a poem could cost a dime
I will spend my ink and spend my time
Making the perfect rhyme

More than a million people may read it
Even if I have to sell it on credit
I will be the businesswoman with wit
Sit down! Think about it!

A penny for the perfect sentence
A penny for a poem glaring with essence
A penny for writing about the present and past tense
A penny for describing a situation that is intense
A penny if I write truthfully without pretence
As I turn away from crime
Making the perfect rhyme

If a poem could cost a pound
I will ...

Read the full of A Poem With The Perfect Rhyme

Power Of Love

I drank and feasted on the table of love
They laughed, cried and shared
They stood in unity and cared
Behold a new baby was born
Into a world of love

Together the moved mountains
Together they frooze fountains
to build bridges of support

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