Sylvia Chidi

Freshman - 710 Points (Germany)

Sylvia Chidi Poems

401. A Woman With No Name 11/5/2005
402. Freedom Is Walking 12/14/2007
403. I Want To Forget You 4/10/2007
404. A Poets Message 10/20/2005
405. Identity Of A Person 5/24/2006
406. Accept My Sympathy 10/10/2006
407. A State Of Depression 4/18/2006
408. Miss Cinderella's Forgotten Shoe 7/25/2006
409. Respect Time! 3/7/2006
410. Baby, Listen To My Heart! 7/12/2007
411. Without Women 4/11/2006
412. Peace, Peace, Peace 12/6/2005
413. You Wander As A Lonely 3/31/2006
414. In Solitude 6/22/2007
415. Mother Nature 1/26/2006
416. Heaven They Say! 12/22/2005
417. In Sorrow 5/12/2006
418. A Poem With The Perfect Rhyme 6/16/2006
419. Why Commit Suicide? 3/3/2006
420. What Is Loss? 8/23/2006
421. Down To The Beach 5/11/2006
422. Farewell My Friend 3/23/2006
423. The Truth In You 3/30/2006
424. A Car Is Just A Car! 2/23/2006
425. Friendship With Romance! 2/24/2006
426. Happy Birthday 10/17/2005
427. The Things I Love With A Passion 4/20/2006
428. A Lovers Arm 11/18/2005
429. It Is Murder 7/6/2006
430. Lust, Lust, Lust 2/4/2006
431. A Bad Or A Good Teacher 7/6/2006
432. Thank You, Mom 2/5/2006
433. What Is Music To You? 1/22/2006
434. A Marriage Of Two 10/25/2005
435. Kiss Me Slowly 2/12/2006
436. So Alone! 12/9/2005
437. Beautiful! 1/15/2006

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  • mr. jobe (3/7/2018 12:17:00 PM)

    I love it

  • Viola (2/19/2018 1:47:00 PM)

    I like your poem tea or coffee I am a student in foxborough school we used your curions poem for our end glistening lesson

  • Juan Castro (1/30/2018 4:07:00 PM)

    Beautiful poem.

  • Amir Mohammad Islami Chalandar (6/6/2014 7:15:00 AM)

    excellent poems. you are great in explaining your feels. i invite you to read my poem

  • Vishva Pathiranage (2/17/2014 5:46:00 PM)

    Hi are a great writer.Can you write a song for me? I'm a Singer & I would like to sing something you me by mail if you are interesting.

  • Joe Hanus (12/27/2006 5:25:00 PM)

    Sylvia, dear Sylvia, romance is the voyage; committment is the harbor. -Joe Carson City, NV

  • Not Long Left (11/5/2005 6:30:00 AM)

    nice, sensual poem, am not just saying this because i am male, it read well,


Best Poem of Sylvia Chidi


Honesty is beautiful
Kindness is beautiful
Intelligence is beautiful
Talent is beautiful

Beautiful is a romance with such abundance
Beautiful are the flowers that roam the earth
Beautiful is awaking to the sound of singing birds
Beautiful is a disguise
Playing hide and seek inside and outside
Beautiful is as naked as the rising sun
Beautiful is delightful and truthful
Beautiful is the golden daylight that shines
And the taste of sweet colored red wine
Beautiful was never ever created by mistake
Beautiful is the ingredient we bake life's ...

Read the full of Beautiful!

Its Time To Let Go!

Its time to let go
I know!
I am holding on tight
As if it is my right
And its not

Its time to tie my shoe laces
With a knot and start walking on
Once where there was love,

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