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You'Re An Angel

You're an angel that nobody can see,
Still, an angel is what you are to me.

Track Star

The flashbacks keep coming
Like a train that never stops running
Somethings have to be forgotten
And others just remain regrettable

The Wizard

February the 1st.

There's a story told of a wizard
Who, for money, would cast a spell,

He Calls To Me

He calls to me across the miles
Night winds carry his whispers
They float on the breeze and through my windows
Falling gently upon my ears

Love At First Sight

Is there such a thing as love at first sight?
That's the question I used to ask
Until I laid eyes on you.
How is it possible to feel so much for a

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Hey everybody.. My name is Symone and I am almost 17 years old.

I was born in a little town outside Copenhagen, Denmark, where I have lived my whole life. Denmark is actually great, with the weather and stuff. When it's winter it's cold but when you are tired of the winter spring is coming and that's almost always hot..

My interest for poem ...

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