T.James Becker Poems

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Mistress Of Lies

Farewell to the mistress of lies and deceit
I gave you my heart, I knelt at your feet
Softly you whispered so sweetly you spoke
Each promise you vowed went up in smoke

In Memories, You’ll Find Me

Sorrow has spread quickly through out my heart
Nothing is left but the pain as feelings depart
Wild fires of rage burn through the walls of my soul
Flames of despair and anger are out of control

Empty Rooms

In this old house with faded blue walls
Dirty storm windows and carpeted halls
Silence screams loudly in every room
Among the ashes of love once in bloom

Air, Water, Fire

Standing high on the rocky mountain top
She stands mesmerized by the beauty below
A sea of trees and fields spread out before her
Like the strokes from an ole masters brush

Blood Sisters

Sitting at the table Reminiscing about the past
The journey of their friendship that is unsurpassed
Many times have they cried and held each other tight
Marriages that had failed, and lovers that took flight

The Blood Countess (Elizabeth Bathory)

A dark haired beauty of tender years
Is touched by evil and kindles fears
A malignant force runs through her veins
A soulless shell as blood she rains

Lava Flow

Lava deluge from the mountain top
A cascade of sparks you can’t stop
Annihilating everything in it’s path
Behold the fear of her wrath

A Question To Ponder…

A Question to ponder…

A brush fire ravages the hillside
Leaving ash instead or greenery

Garden Of Change


Evil Wind

Sun scorched barren ground
Like spreading lines on shattered glass
Cracks split wide the arid terrain
Thirsting for much needed water