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Blood Sisters

Rating: 5.0

Sitting at the table Reminiscing about the past
The journey of their friendship that is unsurpassed
Many times have they cried and held each other tight
Marriages that had failed, and lovers that took flight

Passing of their parents they were at each others side
Giving each the comfort only true friends can provide
Hair a little grayer laugh lines cut deep into the skin
Still the twinkle in the eye sparks the memories within

Remembering the time they met they bonded right away
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Andrew mark Wilkinson 11 November 2008

TJ, Love this some times it's wonderful how a simple promise binds... Andrew 10

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Heather S 13 November 2008

you have written very good poems and this is one of your best! A perfect 10! ! -Heather

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Stacey Watts 12 November 2008

This reminds me of my bestfriend in the whole world. I think you captured a perfect bond here between soul sisters. A definite 10

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Marilyn Lott 12 November 2008

This is a wonderful poem, TJ and I can relate to it with two of my very good friends. You are a thoughtful and talented poet, my friend. Keep writing and sharing. A '10! ' for sure. Warm Wishes, Marilyn

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Mifael Llauderes 11 November 2008

this is a very heart warming piece. comforting to read.. that's what friends are for. very good! 10! ! !

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Tia Maria 11 November 2008

ahhhhh ... what a wonderful write to come from a young man! ! ! Oh you going to be a good catch; -) Always stay humbly wonderful TJ

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