Mistress Of Lies Poem by T.James Becker

Mistress Of Lies

Rating: 5.0

Farewell to the mistress of lies and deceit
I gave you my heart, I knelt at your feet
Softly you whispered so sweetly you spoke
Each promise you vowed went up in smoke

You walked in the shadows, hide from the light
I was blinded by love and fell for you plight
Green Eyes like emeralds, hair black as coal
Like a vampire kiss you sucked out my soul

Dagger like talons you cut open up my skin
Releasing your venomous poison within
My body convulsed and writhed in pain
You watched me suffer until I was drained

You walked in beauty the essence of grace
A Deceptive smile on your angelic face
A sirens song or a fever of the mind
Nothing left of you now, access denied

Kris Smith 17 September 2008

Good poem well written and heavy content, I have no time for people who use others go forward move on 10 Chris

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Tia Maria 17 September 2008

I know there are always two sides to a story & yours poet friend is rather gory. This beautiful woman I do not know, but from your description, I dislike her so! A brilliantly written tale of the painful side of love which could not last 10

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Jahnus Thanatos 16 September 2008

Wow I love this poem it's really well written and i love the words you use in it!

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Carol Rhodes 16 September 2008

Hey, this is a new step toward more pleasure for those of us who love to read the images created by words! No doubt, you are a poet. Looking forward to more of your works. Thank you for sharing. A well-done production! Carol

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Sarvesh Kulkarni 16 September 2008

A lovely poem. Thanks for sharing.

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Sherif Monem 11 November 2008

Very dramatic poem. Great.

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Carol Rhodes 22 September 2008

Tj, had to read again. This is truly beautifully written. You did it all: brought us into your inner self in such a way, using your words so deftly to describe your anguish and overwhelming disappointment and confusion re love, as to allow the reader to fully connect with you and ourselves. Yes, as all have said, you are a poet. Thank you! Carol

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Viola Grey 21 September 2008

stunning piece....not a line wasted...fantastic poem you have here

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Edgar Andrade Baguio 20 September 2008

Wow! ! ! Your emotions must be in tune with the theme itself. This is like a Shakespearean kind of lament. Good work T. J. Your journey to a poet's legacy is now on track.

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Bob Gibson 19 September 2008

Briliantly Written, T J you have a gifted talent for poetry

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T.James Becker

T.James Becker

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