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I could have left you anytime
And left a slamming door.
Instead I took all your lies
And wound up on your floor.
Anything I gave you
Didn't matter anymore.
The exposure of your smile
As a blackened, rotton core.

I could have left you anytime
Before the game started.
I could have looked you in the eye
But it was on my knees we parted.
You made me your creature
Yet it was you they martyred
And I, in your heavy chains
Was to Lust's graveyard carted.

I could have left you anytime
And left you all alone.
In place of a ...

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Can't you see the mirage
On the horizon sun-fed glowing?
Or the beams of burning fire
In the frost of icy snowing?
Did the wind never near you
When gales tore down the trees?
And the rain seem to fear you
Though crying on your knees?