My Sunset Poem by Theo Williams

My Sunset

Rating: 5.0

The sun sets on the horizon from the distant land,
Where birds chirp and couples lay hand in hand.
I look at the sun to say goodbye,
To the beautiful colours that paint the sky.

Shades of orange, yellow and pink,
Fluffy white clouds, into my heart they sink.
And although I hate to see the sun go,
Its beauty and love has been my show.

I've seen the sunset so many times,
Yet it's still the most favourite sight of mine.
Its exquisiteness strikes warm in the month December,
Its irreplaceable memory I will always remember.

There will be no sadness, nor any sorrow,
Because my sun, you will rise tomorrow.
I won't feel hurt, nor feel any pain,
Because on your way down, your beauty will reign.

My Sunset
Unwritten Soul 26 June 2012

Painted very well, like i am looking it right now..Also a second poem i read from u and second yes to agree that you are a talented poet..It always happen when you pour all visions, feelings in the poetry it really help to sound like it is a moving scenery, alive when we read in each time we finish the line..keep it up_Unwritten Soul

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Dan Green 26 June 2012

Very beautiful description of the sunset! Quite like my sunset Theo. Well done

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Shouvik Roy 26 June 2012

thats more like it, enjoyed, innocent and true..lovely write...keep penning boy..

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Mark Dillon 26 June 2012

Nice one, runs well, lookin forward to more.

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Oludipe Oyin Samuel 26 June 2012

A majestic portrait! soothing words. It's a brilliant write and I enjoyed it.

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Sally Ngobeni 11 July 2012

OMG! This is just awesome. It has put a smile on my face as if it was My Sunrise & that is what poetry is about! LOVE IT.

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Tiana Webb 28 June 2012

Such a beautiful poem, so visual. I can almost feel the sun on my skin as it sets. It makes me actually want to watch a sunset, to see for myself the beauty of a sunset (something I have never watched) :) Tiana xx

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Valerie Dohren 28 June 2012

Beautiful sunset poem - you may like to read mine entitled Sunset.

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Rajendran Muthiah 28 June 2012

Dear Young Poet, we can see the Sun daily, I think, only in Summer. Being caught in Melbourne, I am not able to go out in Winter. One or two times, for one or two hours, the Sun is visible. Now I know, why the people from cold countries come to Chennai(Tamil Nadu, India) and lie on the beach with miniwares/biknis. The Sun is the Almighty to Australia. Well written poem.Shades of colours and the clouds sink into your heart and burst forth colourful lines. The lines make aesthetic appeal to mind and eye. Wonderful.

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Terry O'leary 27 June 2012

Theo, this is another fine work you've produced... very descriptive... beautiful images... Wonderful... Terry

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