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Rating: 4.33

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I'll keep this short to save people's sanity! I am 16 currently and live in Neath, South Wales. I began writing poetry when the stress of exams became to much. I have never really stopped! Hope you enjoy my work and I would appreciate hearing your views. If you read my work please leave a comment as any advice will help.

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Thomas Vaudin

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Yami Tenshi 15 August 2008

Alright...... I'd say your style of poetry is haunting (in a good way) and resonates. In my opinion you seem to look at the world and turn it into a beautiful metaphorical and abstract dimension. It's eerily wonderful. I love it. ~Yams

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The Best Poem Of Thomas Vaudin

People Die, Life Goes On

I am a normal man,
I’ve been to more funerals than I can count,
Parents, Siblings, Friends, Co-Workers,
People die, life goes on

It’s different when the person is close to you,
Emotionally and Spiritually,
You feel like your life has ended,
People die, life goes on

Sometimes there isn’t a reason,
Sometimes people just die,
Heart attacks, strokes or even old age,
People die, life goes on

One thing I have realized is that,
Grieving doesn’t bring someone back,
The soul will always live on,
People die, life goes on

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Thomas Vaudin Popularity

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