Kumarmani Mahakul
Gandam, Dist-Deogarh, Odisha, INDIA

Kumarmani Mahakul Time Poems

This Is Cultivation Time

In all remote villages all are busy,
As this is time of cultivation,
For new crops all are in new hope,
Rain is in favour of them completely.

Judgment Of Time

Time is judge and result is judgment,
No creatures can jink the punishment.
In this physical world one may elude till life,
But in natural dynasty one is punished is rife.

Dream Time

Time of dream has turned,
Now we can rest and sleep,
To see new dream we love,
We love to talk to God.

It Is The Time For You

It is the time for you dear father,
We weak up early leaving fear.
This moment Nature rains nectar,
In world dram you are one director.

Time Wheel

Time wheel is running
Ahead in speed,
We have no time to wait you,
It is the eleventh moment,

Understanding Value Of Time

After birth you are now one day old
One year old, ten years old and
Fifty years old, seventy years old and
Now you are old years old dear old,

Jump To Heaven In Time

Oh people come this is precious time,
For stabilizing mind no need of dime.
Rhyme comes in mind for our father,
Father comes to watch us soon further.

Time Is Declaring Trust

While this morning arrives
At each door step of life
This sings only your song
We hear eagerly every sound.

Shifting Time To Time

Life is shifting time to time
As from birth to death we do
We work whole day and take rest
Birds search nest at evening.

In Time's Control We Are

People do not like sorrows
Always they like happiness
But they get sadness is true
Every individual is responsible

Time For Soul Building

When morning arrives bringing new day,
Athletes start running and jumping,
They want to remain fit and build body,
People go in morning walk and jogging,

Music Of Inner Time

Music of inner time is ringing,
Singing mind more in Earth,
Birth is perceived, we feel life,
Outer time is blowing horn.

Negotiate Time For Wisdom

Everyday you are busy for working,
Every earning is meant for caring,
Caring our bodies mainly for comfort,
Wealth and inventions we get more.

Nuance Of Time

Tickling and ringing bell,
This time awakens mind too.
I am here in the floor of sky,
Nuance floats in galaxy star.

Time's Whisper

Awake this is important for all,
Do not sleep oh soul do not fall.
Stand and hear God's song soon,
Sun has to come, goes far moon.

Time Is Coming Closer

I can gain I am not a looser,
I know time is coming closer.
Many feel life is clumsy sure,
But do not perceive air is pure.

Right Duty At Right Time

Doing right duty with responsibility,
At right time doing is right definitely,
Every person should understand time,
Every moment is very precious for us.

Effloresce In Time

Each moment is valuable
Don't waste the time,
Make yourself noble one
Never think to crime.

It Is The Time For Harvesting

It is the time for harvesting paddy corn,
Peasants go corn fields from early morn.
Paddy cutting is happened in month November,
And it continues till to the month of December.

This Is The Time Of Real Happiness

Time has come as pr action and reaction,
We have given earlier and now reaping fruits,
No tension, no more desires to gain matters,
This is the time of happiness as we feel here.