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I hear the honk of a horn
Amid the echo of voices.
A new day had been born
And for people to make their choices.

One sunny afternoon,
Just as i bade a friend 'see you soon'.
My long shadow on the sunny ground met that of a long tree
As i looked up to it, i saw an unknown beautiful bird flying free

I always thought that the strong can withstand
For as they trample with great strength above the sand.
No! I am wrong, just as my flesh lust
And will one day under the earth turn to dust

When i look up in the sky
I hope that the stars would come down
See the seas so dry
And my people on a journey to the profound town

Claps and cheers and all that were
Before my eyes i saw over there
What seemed to be good
But i misunderstood

What wonderful actors we are
All scenes at one time we act perfectly
Scene after scene, acts come before acts.
And we the minors take it from the script

Through the quick sand of this life
Aching thighs, broken smiles
Hands trembling, legs mourning
Sloes sore from stubs and thorns-

Half closed eye lids
Racing winds caress my little pinnas
And dries the spittle on my lips
Fresh dew on plants and cold sands air waft'd

The fairy tale of a drunken Oaf
Half bread is better than no loaf
Glass shattered on wall
Not same as the scattered at all!

We of fettered soul and body
And of foetal mind and spirit
When our feet gets stuck in a quagmire
Our minds flustered by a swarm of quandary quarks

Shall i scribble for a thousand years
Pour on pages an ocean of ink
Till my phalanges clench
Of the foul plays that stinks more than the skunk

In the silence of the mid day
When lethargic bones bask in the sun of vacuity
I hear a voice, a young voice
That punctures the vacuum of silence

Here I am simply writing,
Writing a poem, I believe.
People write when they feel loved,
When they feel touched.

Not old enough
Most people would say
This life is tough
But i must have my way

To reduce the cups
And increase the shekels
Cloud our minds like sand dust
The impulse of our hearts

Nine moons we were bore
Under nine scourging rays.
The earth's heat and the sole's sore
Through life's maze.

Your boundless ocean of love
In which I have sunk in
Flows through an endless desert of time
And flows through the blood stream of every one you touch

Why do we always turn away?
Like the sojourners to Emmaus
In disappointment laden with great despair
Absconding from what seemed-peril-like

In abyss of despair,
When i feel like am drowning
In the ocean of Sorrow
Yes, there is no revival - I think

Behind those dewy eyes
I find lustre, lush and solace
Which the gentle breeze of dusk
And the shade at the foot of the iroko

uchenna nnodum Biography

I'm a young man who loves artistry and creativity.i love to express my inner most thoughts and the best way is by writing them into lines, verses and stanzas. Presently, I, m a Law student at the Imo State University, Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria.)

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In The Market Place

I hear the honk of a horn
Amid the echo of voices.
A new day had been born
And for people to make their choices.

I see a young child carrying something on his head
But to my dismay he looked under fed
Like that of a pregnant woman he had a conspicuous belly
I thought what was on his head was a bit heavy

Again i hear the clang of a bell
As i make my way through
Jostling one another like in hell
But cannot believe it is true

i see so many indifferent faces
May be because of the scourging sun
And chatting before are ladies
Pretending nothing is going on

For what i see
Has been for ages long
And will always be
As long as there is the day long.

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