Poola Bala Venkat Poems

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Poem - Sonnet

Things that are in life's rush concealed
or feelings in dullness of language buried
are first by a poet clearly perceived
later by the reader's heart received

A Friend

A friend is no end to send
A smile of heart to mend

Lust - Sonnet

Lust is the biggest quest
it's the endless cellular thirst
A mortal's immortal quest
it pushes two bodies closer

Death - Sonnet

When loneliness is life's eternal complexity
That leads to emptiness and perplexity
When future seems so dim and dreary
When the man in mirror makes self mockery

The Warriors Without Weapons

The relentless warriors have no weapons except unity.
unity of the people is the fuel of the movement
that from the hearts of the people springs.
As the blood red sun dawns the pain of the broken sinews

Freedom After Marriage- Sonnet

Most men are not wise freedom-wise

Freedom comes only to the wise

Unshaken -Sonnet

When deep desire the love's purity ditches
when the vile world the pure love bitches
Can love's course become ambivalent?
Can ardent love become a complaint?

Beauty Of Life - Sonnet

Black or white is not your sin

I don't hate the color of the skin

The Youth

Excerpt from my poem 'The Youth'

Youth is not to jettisoning philosophy and embracing technology

The Quiet Night - Sonnet

walking alone in the quiet street at night
filled with silence and glimmering light
the eyes can not path clearly comprehend
darkness spreads like blanket till the street end

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