(04) Ode To The Divine Mother Poem by VINOD A K

(04) Ode To The Divine Mother

Rating: 2.9

Ode to the Divine Mother

Found the great treasure of my life
Got the answers to questions, beyond science
O Shree Mataji, the True Guru, embodiment of divinity
With deep reverence, I bow to thee

This devotee, thou miraculously reformed
From darkness to light, ingnorance removed
O Adi Shakti, the primordial source of energy
For thy divine benevolence, I bow to thee

With thy presence, unlocked the energy divine
Unleashing with ease, creativity infinite
O Shri Mataji, Mother of all poets and poetry
For thy divine inspiration, I bow to thee

As mother earth, thou giveth balance and gravity
Erasing all my sins, negativity and impurity
O Shri Mataji, the creator of Lord Ganesha, the Ganapati
Guardian of my innocence and chastity, I bow to thee

Just a glance of thee, removes all chaos instantly
I am in bliss, I am in joy to realize thy divinity
O Nirmala Maa, the very manifestation of Adi Shakti
Giving us salvation instantly, I bow to thee

A ‘particle of dust’, Mother, in childhood, you aspired to be
Touched by thy hands divine, such a particle, let me be
O Shri Mataji, on thy Lotus Feet, let me always be
As that ‘particle of dust’, thy divine instrument, I bow to thee

Catrina Heart 20 April 2009

Astonishing ode to the Divine Mother Vinok...well throught out piece...very spiritual...Thanks for sharing this remarkable opus.

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Sadiqullah Khan 29 March 2010

We use the word 'Adi' or 'Adey' for the mother in our language'pushto', I s it sanskrit, with aryan roots? The poem is beautiful, devotional and has a touch of divinity.

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Nivedita Bagchi SPC UK 29 March 2010

‘…O Nirmala Maa, the very manifestation of Adi Shakti…’ Like chant… benediction…I too bow with devotion to Thy Lotus Feet… Begging grace I’m Wee Ms. Nivedita UK

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Rajaram Ramachandran 01 May 2009

A well written poem praying for the mercy of the Divine Mother

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Anjali Sinha 28 April 2009

wowwwwww great tributes to a great mother -10 anjali

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Sandhya S N 24 April 2009

Poem depicts how spiritual You are well written congrats sandhya

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