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himanshi ruwandika 25 March 2020

wow i love your poems, madam.

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Tharushi Pahesara 23 June 2018

Can i have some notes on poem Explosion

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Palitha Ranatunge 15 February 2016

Hi, I know your talents in poetry and the language. I like this poem and your matuarity. Thank you for giving us such a wonderful thought in a poetic form.

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The Best Poem Of Vivimarie VanderPoorten

There’s A Woman

In every picture
there’s a woman
an outstretched hand
holding out scissors
carrying a garland
handing out a tool, a ribbon, a tray of certificates, awards
leaning against a car
a tyre, a bottle of soda
she’s serving a drink
pouring coffee
smiling nodding
but hardly waiting.

she’s sitting it out
observing it happen
taking down
the dictation of life
typing out decisions of life and death

In every picture there’s a woman.
If you look very hard
You might even see her.

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Vivimarie VanderPoorten Popularity

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