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Born in Florida, currently divide time between south Florida and the north Georgia mountains. I enjoy writing poems and song lyrics. I also like to read other poetry. My style is simple, straight forward and easy to understand. I hope you enjoy my poems.

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There Are No Tears In Heaven

When our loved ones leave this world one day to be with God on high,
We'll come to shed our tears and say our last goodbye.
Pain and grief can't follow them when their Savior calls them home,
they'll never have to cry again with all the pain they've known.


The old country preacher stood to speak,
his broken voice sounding weak.
The worn, black bible in his hand
placed on the wooden pulpit stand.

Past Vs. Future

Thinking of the past
or looking at
the future. Is one
better for the mind

A Penny's Worth

A single penny on the ground,
many chances to be found.
Left ignored in it's place,
lying in the open space.

My Father's House

When we leave this world behind us
we'll never have a care,
in a place we call heaven
we'll meet our Savior there.

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