Taught Racism Poem by willow moon pearce

Taught Racism

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Children are born blind to hate and bigotry
With their big smiles and loving ways
They are taught ugliness
By unthinking adults and overheard conversation
This makes them use words and terms that for generations
Have caused hate and bitterness
To our fellow man.

Yes, they are taught, not born
To this social cancer.
I once asked a black friend how he would like
To be addressed?
Black, afro-american or just coloured.
No he said - just call me friend.

David Tanguay 08 January 2006

Very true! We are born with love! but hate is learned! 'your friend' by love

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Duncan Wyllie 12 February 2006

Well first of all, you have a wonderful name.Is this your actual name? Beautiful either way. Secondly you have opened up yet another door that allows the reader to examine their own out look on these matters.Loads of Feeling and tallent in your poetry.Love Duncan

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Chinedu Dike 10 February 2018

The colour or race of an individual does not matter, what counts is that one is born a worthy person. Brave utterances set aside for honest reflection. Thanks for sharing Willow and do remain enriched.

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Linda Jenkinson 17 November 2005

i like your tone...best regards linda

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Olivia 23 May 2019

Hi, my name is Olivia and I´m studying Willow Moon Pearce and his poem called ¨Taught Racism" for a school poem reading. After I read the poem I need to tell more about my author. However the problem is that his page does not tell much about Willow Moon Pearce, so I was wondering if someone that knows Willow or Willow himself could maybe reply back with some basic information about him. Thank you!

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Leeannaaa 20 November 2018

Does anyone know when this was written? Thank you.

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Willow Pearce 20 November 2018

Written 2006.

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Bri Edwards 28 July 2018

i will now be putting this poem into my (our) usually-monthly display of poems which i call a showcase. Thanks. your name will be mentioned at least twice. bri :)

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Bri Edwards 23 July 2018

(cont.) Thanks. Bri :) p.s. showcases ‘show up’ as individual poems in my Bri Edwards list of PH poems; search by month and year, since about three years ago.

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