Kumarmani Mahakul Winter Poems

Winter! Oh Dear Winter

Winter! Oh dear our sweet winter,
You are our only lovely time hinter.
We wait for you again waking soon,
Sun rays fall we do get warm boon.

Winter Is Coming Slowly

Little, little cold is arriving
With wings of coldness and snow
This will cover our minds sure
Pure heart will need warmness

Rain Of Winter Midnight

This is exactly winter midnight,
It is heavily raining outside,
Inside we are feeling cold,
When morning will arrive

Winter Crops

Watch the bullock carts filled with crops,
The farmers bring after harvesting drops.
After long day wait time of harvest come,
Farmers in winter do chant leaf fixes gum.

Winter's Mystic Journey

Walking beside such railway lines,
We can see far mountains and forest,
Green scene is covered by mist of winter,
A hut inside forest is found near trees.

Nature In Winter

There are many beautiful sites around Earth
Nippy waterfalls, dense forest and its organic girth
Many people visit waterfall and have picnic,
They enjoy the beauty of nature trail and technique.

First Touch Of Winter

This gives a feeling of life
With flow of season it comes
Slowly touches soft soil here
On Earth winter likes to play.

Rain From Summer To Winter

For painting the beauty itself,
Nature sends fog and breeze,
The drops of rain fall from cloud,
Thunder breaks the heart

Winter Night

As snowfall has started in hilly areas,
People have gone inside their houses
Few have covered themselves with blankets,
Few have gathered wild skits and put fire