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Agonized in the hands of my stepmother, forgiveness paved my way to success and my poems shall continue to be my comfort.

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Good Times, (Bad Times's Cousin)

Our relationship was and will always be!
I am the messenger and Bad Times my wheels
I beg to cover Bad Times the shame of being my wheels
For a while so, let me be invisible


Delighted to embrace you
Change my mind, change my mood
Clothed me with a new robe
Allured with happiness for both

A New Birth Year

I tread on the Path of another birth year
My heart rejoices like the heart of Spartacus
In the midst of a trial
Fewer friends, yet worthy friends

Distant From Everyone

Years, we have longed ----- for space
Distance from everyone
To be far away, Like the sky and the ocean
That look to each other's face but never meet

My American Sensei

I have a teacher
Who has revealed
she could have taken the gilded corporate path
But choose to take the slow journey up the hills

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24 December 2015

Considering the status of our world today, it is imperative that the subject; 'LOVE' (Agape format) be introduced in all school curriculums. This is essential for future generations. Yinka Meander

24 December 2015

If you have been an Actor directing your own life without success, it is time to consider being an Actor in a life directed by God and success will be yours! - - Yinka Meander

02 April 2016

Sometimes, do not let the world bother you to express yourself however, if expressing yourself bothers the world at the time, the world is large enough to contain it.

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