Alexander Povolotsky

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The Yellow Star Of Jewish Ghetto

The Yellow Star of Jewish Ghetto
Deep into my skin is set to
Six million weeping yellow stars
Are in my heart as painful scars

They radiate such burning light
Like sun, which rose amidst the Night
The Night of Death, the Night of Sin
The Night of Crimes against my kin

Yet through the covers of that Night
These yellow stars did shine so bright
With cry, which spreads through Universe,
Six million voices strong eternal curse

To beasts, with swastika on sleeves
To killers, torturers and thieves
Who brought such Shame on Human Race
Which no...

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Those Loveless Years

Many people lived whole life, where loneliness was rife, with no love being met - life's not fair.
And they don't know yet and they even don't fret, they don't care.
But when love gets sparked inside - they look back in hindsight - with regret and despair,
Into those loveless years chain, with no happiness or pain, felt as lost so much in vain, - to compare...

Many songs have strong love words - but they don't touch the cords, yes, as such, lonely hearts just don't get touched.
And they

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