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1. If You Want Me 2/19/2008
2. Good-Bye 2/19/2008
3. Forever Your's. 2/19/2008
4. Loving Her, Hating Him 2/19/2008
5. Left Behind 2/27/2008
6. Release The... 2/27/2008
7. Evil Artist 3/16/2008
8. Him Plus Her 3/16/2008
9. In This Night 3/16/2008
10. She Is.... 3/27/2008
11. If Only 7/6/2007
12. Winterrazorblade 1/4/2008
13. I Am.. 1/4/2008
14. Make Me 1/4/2008
15. Listening To Each Dropp Of Rain 1/4/2008
16. I Wish 1/10/2008
17. Drowning (Sideways) 6/8/2008
18. So Close.. Yet So Far Away. 9/20/2008
19. Dear Star 1/10/2008
20. I Believe 1/10/2008
21. Rose Red 4/28/2008
22. Dont Save Me, Angel 1/15/2008
23. In The Darkness 6/21/2007
Best Poem of ana velez

In The Darkness

in the darkness
i can hide
in the darkness
i think of suicide
in the darkness
im not the blame
in the darkness
noone see's my shame
in the darkness
i feel safe
in the darkness
i rather stay
in the darkness
youll find me
in the darkness
ill weep
in the darkness
i feel fear
in the darkness
im all alone
in the darkness is were i wish to stay
in this darkness where there is no day
in the darkness im safe and alone
in this cold place i can call home

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Make Me

Make me cry, from my eyes
Make me suffer, for my lies
Make me numb, from my wrist
Make me wish, again i missed

Make me bleed, crimson a stream
Make me hate, the things i dream
Make me know, tears of pain
Make me hear, glimmering rain

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