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I Wrote Her Name Upon The Sand

I walked along the shoreline
As the ocean looked so blue,
The seagulls called upon the wind
Above me as they flew,

A Part Of Me Died With You

I still remember heartache like
I'd never felt before,
With every hour that passes by
I miss you more and more,

A Child Upon The Doorstep Weeps

A child upon the doorstep weeps
ignored from passers-by,
She wipes away her lonely tears
Upon her woollen sleeve,

All Through The Barren Winter

All through the barren winter
I have waited for this day,
To see the signs of springtime
With its colours on display,

A Country Boy At Heart

I want to climb the hillsides
And to see each wondrous view,
And find the peace I long for there
It's all I wish to do,


The sweet scented flowers of pink are now blooming
And telling the land that the springtime is here,
For soft and like velvet their petals are glowing
I've waited a lifetime to see them appear.

If We Could Live Forever

If we could live forever
How much wiser would we be?
Would we have grown accustomed
To the suffering we see?

Wind Chime

As sun rose in the early dawn
And skies were lit with gold,
I saw the clouds go passing by
And watched my dreams unfold,

A View From The Park Bench

Upon this old familiar bench
From which I've spent a time or two,
Just gazing at the sky above
And watching chestnut trees,

A Kindly Word

A kindly word if you should please
Don't wave the blade without relent,
No hate nor scorn that cuts me through
And has no space for sentiment.

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