Rookie - 223 Points (01/01/1966 / BIRMINGHAM)


1. Where Art You Now? 1/3/2008
2. Poems And Love Songs 1/19/2008
3. To Touch The Morning Of The Spring 5/5/2008
4. Ten Thousand Crosses 6/24/2008
5. The Potter 7/29/2008
6. So Sweet The Air 9/17/2008
7. My Heart Does Sing 9/24/2008
8. Separation 9/2/2010
9. The Chuckery Wall 10/20/2010
10. If Ice Should Form Around My Heart 7/26/2011
11. Where Is The Joy Of The Child That I Was? 8/17/2011
12. The Scarlet Petals 8/27/2011
13. If We Could See As Children See 8/29/2011
14. The Forgotten Apple Tree 8/30/2011
15. Is This The Ground Beneath My Feet? 9/6/2011
16. That Dark, Inconsolable Sky 9/8/2011
17. When The Clouds Begin To Part 10/20/2011
18. I Shall Hide Myself Away 12/19/2011
19. That Night Was Silent And So Still (Christmas Poem) 12/28/2011
20. I Melt Like The Frost 1/11/2012
21. The Gwynant Sunrise (Skimming Stones) 3/17/2012
22. Hallelujah, The Lord Is Risen! 4/8/2012
23. Let Music Flow 4/9/2012
24. All I Want In Life 4/10/2012
25. Let 4/18/2012
26. Those Joyful Days 1/15/2014
27. Badger 10/6/2015
28. My Lord As Sweet As Waking Spring 10/27/2015
29. Love's But A Dream 11/13/2015
30. Scafell 10/6/2015
31. Your Love 4/14/2012
32. Black For A Day 4/24/2012
33. The Mirror 11/3/2011
34. Let It All Out 11/13/2011
35. Respect 9/18/2011
36. The Road To Peace Or War 9/25/2011
37. Love Is Like An Ornament 9/29/2011
38. I Look Unto The Passing Clouds 8/14/2011
39. Cafe Breakfast 8/16/2011
40. When God My Father Calls Me There 12/1/2009

I Wrote Her Name Upon The Sand

I walked along the shoreline
As the ocean looked so blue,
The seagulls called upon the wind
Above me as they flew,
So far across the waters there
I knew my love did stay,
I wrote her name upon the sand
But waves washed it away.

I watched the clouds like dreams go by
With happiness we shared,
As I looked out across the sea
And wished that she still cared,
I'd lost all hope of loving
And I could but only pray,
I wrote her name upon the sand
But waves washed it away.

Around her name a heart of love
That wasn't meant to be,
A ...

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Across The Field

Across the field I once did stare
Towards the woodland that was there
I felt the cold of autumn air
And saw leaves upon the ground.

The early morning was so still
As sunlight rose above the hill
And began to warm the morning chill
But it couldn't warm my heart.

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