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1. Where Art You Now? 1/3/2008
2. Poems And Love Songs 1/19/2008
3. To Touch The Morning Of The Spring 5/5/2008
4. Ten Thousand Crosses 6/24/2008
5. The Potter 7/29/2008
6. So Sweet The Air 9/17/2008
7. My Heart Does Sing 9/24/2008
8. Separation 9/2/2010
9. The Chuckery Wall 10/20/2010
10. If Ice Should Form Around My Heart 7/26/2011
11. Where Is The Joy Of The Child That I Was? 8/17/2011
12. The Scarlet Petals 8/27/2011
13. If We Could See As Children See 8/29/2011
14. The Forgotten Apple Tree 8/30/2011
15. Is This The Ground Beneath My Feet? 9/6/2011
16. That Dark, Inconsolable Sky 9/8/2011
17. When The Clouds Begin To Part 10/20/2011
18. I Shall Hide Myself Away 12/19/2011
19. That Night Was Silent And So Still (Christmas Poem) 12/28/2011
20. I Melt Like The Frost 1/11/2012
21. The Gwynant Sunrise (Skimming Stones) 3/17/2012
22. Hallelujah, The Lord Is Risen! 4/8/2012
23. Let Music Flow 4/9/2012
24. All I Want In Life 4/10/2012
25. Let 4/18/2012
26. Those Joyful Days 1/15/2014
27. Badger 10/6/2015
28. My Lord As Sweet As Waking Spring 10/27/2015
29. Love's But A Dream 11/13/2015
30. Scafell 10/6/2015
31. Your Love 4/14/2012
32. Black For A Day 4/24/2012
33. The Mirror 11/3/2011
34. Let It All Out 11/13/2011
35. The Road To Peace Or War 9/25/2011
36. Love Is Like An Ornament 9/29/2011
37. When I Look Upon This World 8/20/2011
38. I Look Unto The Passing Clouds 8/14/2011
39. Cafe Breakfast 8/16/2011
40. When God My Father Calls Me There 12/1/2009


  • Gleb Zavlanov Gleb Zavlanov (10/14/2013 12:44:00 PM)

    You are a peerless genius!

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  • Zeinab Alwady Zeinab Alwady (6/1/2012 12:00:00 PM)

    i like what u write

  • Angela Wybrow Angela Wybrow (6/7/2011 3:43:00 PM)

    I love 'The Water Wheel' and am intending to include it in my folder of work for my Grade 4 London College of Music Speech & Drama exam, which I'm planning to take in the Autumn term. I love your work! It's so descriptive and really paints a picture! I've got a few poems on here too.

  • Kevin Casey (9/26/2009 7:33:00 AM)

    This poem is a reflection of two eras and the style is that of some one born in the sixties, it reminds me of the hovis advert ''me mam went downt shops today real bread and real butter stuff, sixties children generally in england lived in the new generation of freedom and jet fighters the dandy the beano alf tupper out of the victor, we looked around and believed in ideals, believing this awful situation was of a time before the last war aware of a dark past but in reality many children are still abandoned home alone under the same darkness, society and social values have been totally eroded, times are very victorian with a laser twist all advocated by Margaret milk snatcher Thatchershe got what she wanted gloom and doom

  • Duncan Wyllie (8/11/2009 2:38:00 PM)

    *********************************** Andrew Blakemore ***********************************

    Here is a man who displays the ancient art-form of poetry with absolute compassion and undiluted commitment, I have read many of his works, and there is such a freshness about them
    So HONEST and compelling, , , If you have not read some of Andrews Amazing accomplishments, then all I can say is ……………Go treat yourself! ! ! , ,

  • Alison Cassidy (10/16/2008 6:35:00 PM)

    Andrew is a fine lyrical poet, reminiscent of John Keats. He has polished his poetic craft till it shines and his phrasing and style are impeccable and always satisfying. He combines a fine poetic ear, a discerning poetic voice and the eye of one who notices and cares. It is always a joy to read your work, Andrew. love, Allie ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  • Thad Wilk (10/16/2008 5:47:00 PM)

    To Andrew Blakemore and others whom it may concern,
    Andrew is a 'poet's poet extraordinaire', highly polished in th' art of painting scenes
    from his words, bringing out those vibrant colours enhancing and capturing th' senses
    of th' love, life and beauty 'that surrounds us all' - He has without a doubt, turned out
    through his unique talent and gift, 'poetry that are murals' from the gallery of his mind.
    Best regards my friend!

  • Bonnie Collins (10/9/2008 11:08:00 PM)

    Andrew Blakemore has the once in a lifetime talent of a writter with so many forms of imagery, his journey may take you to the hills to the ocean, or just to watch a snow flake fall, he can make you cry, feel sad, for feel so happy to be alive, his easy flow makes it such a pleasure for the reader to enjoy whatever beholds in the mind of the writter. His sensitivity shows true colour with every emoiton within his soul... There are many writters in this world as far back as time permits, with suspence, romance, humor and many more, THEN there is Andrew Blakemore.....

  • Lynda Robson (10/8/2008 11:28:00 AM)

    Andrew has a unique style, he draws the reader in with his wonderfully woven poetry on any subject, so vivid the reader could be there looking on, a fantastic modern day poet who is well worth taking a look at, you will not be disappointed.

  • Ernestine Northover Ernestine Northover (9/2/2008 3:15:00 PM)

    Andrew is a 'natural' and his poems are a joy to find. He is a weaver of such excellence and one cannot be unmoved when reading his works. He has a wonderful way of explaining his subjects and brings his storylines to life in a very special way. I am always thrilled to read each poem he writes and the pleasure is all mine. If you want to find a fine poet, he is here.


A Part Of Me Died With You

I still remember heartache like
I'd never felt before,
With every hour that passes by
I miss you more and more,
It feels like only yesterday
I watched the stars so bright,
And a part of me died with you
On that cold and lonely night.

Now things can never be the same
A void so deep and wide,
An empty space that can't be filled
The loss I bear inside,
Still haunts me like the bitter wind
That chills me with its spite,
And a part of me died with you
On that cold and lonely night.

How cruel to me the hand of fate
That took my love ...

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So Still The Night

So still the night
The stars are bright
Up in the evening sky,
Alone I stare
Through twilight air
And watch the night go by,
Above the trees
Are memories
Of all I left behind,

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