A View From The Park Bench Poem by ANDREW BLAKEMORE

A View From The Park Bench

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Upon this old familiar bench
From which I've spent a time or two,
Just gazing at the sky above
And watching chestnut trees,
Which change throughout the seasons
Now their copper leaves do fall,
Which gather on this stony path
And tossed upon the breeze.

For scattered far across the field
And through the air with random flee,
From every bough it seems to pluck
Until each one is bare,
Now soon the winter shall be here
With icy chills the frosts and snow,
When I'll not stop but carry on
And find no comfort there.

Upon this bench so old and worn
That's scrawled and etched on every slat,
And smeared with food from yesterday
Yet still to me so kind,
For here within my solitude
Away from all the toil and spite,
I'll take my time to look around
While others seem so blind.

Within this park the children play
Upon the swings the slide and frame,
And run around upon the grass
Just like I used to do,
But now so many years have passed
And older but no wiser I,
And wish I had my youth again
Reliving days I knew.

Upon this bench I sit and wait
And as the people pass me by,
Some of them do speak to me
Some look the other way,
Yet here the grass shall always grow
Beneath my tired and aching feet,
A friendly place I call my own
Where often I do stay.

I long for daffodils of spring
To watch them all come into flower,
When blossom blooms upon the bough
Such beauty there to see,
Then listen to the birds that sing
As if for me their sweet refrains,
And I alone shall hear them all
Each golden melody.

Upon this bench on which I rest
I think how many things have changed,
Yet here it almost seems the same
As times of long ago,
St. Mary's there still proudly stands
And in the morning sun does shine,
As ages passed it's witnessed all
And seen the village grow.

Now as I make my way back home
And walk along this stony path,
Adorned by scattered copper leaves
That through the autumn fell,
I know I shall return again
To lose myself within the view,
And watch the seasons changing
From the bench where I shall dwell.

Thad Wilk 06 February 2008

Hi Andrew! Nice write, it's good to have a special spot, for thoughts and dreams they mean a lot! best wishes Friend Thad *10*! ! !

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Duncan Wyllie 25 February 2008

Andrew..do you know about my special bench, sounds as if you were talking about the very place where I have often sat, , It's at a place called Tory in Bradford On Avon and from there are the most stunning veiws Thankyou for this one and for the lovely reminder Love duncan X

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Shadow Girl 02 October 2011

Fantastically structure and beautiful imagery...great poetry. -SG

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Ernestine Northover 29 November 2009

This is delightful Andrew, I could picture it all by your wonderful imagery. Good rhythm and flow, and a super read. Love and hugs Ernestine XXX

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Bob Blackwell 07 August 2009

Andrew, this really is a lovely and reflective poem. The moments you describe feed our soul with natures love. To quote ' What is this life if, full of care, / We have no time to stand and stare'. So we can in our solitude: - For oft, when on my couch I lie In vacant or in pensive mood, They flash upon that inward eye Which is the bliss of solitude; And then my heart with pleasure fills, And dances with the daffodils. Most people can quote the first verse of Wordsworths daffodils, but I love the last stanza as it is the real reason for the poem. Solitude would have been a better title, but then perhaps nobody would have heard of it. I thought your poem was just as beautiful and have taken a copy to read again. regards Bob

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Lynda Robson 07 October 2008

I felt as though I too was sitting on the bench, so good is the magery in this poem, its good to sit and watch the world go by, 10 Lynda xx

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Bonnie Collins 16 June 2008

Andrew, this really hit my heart, as I too love to sit and ponder about a place so near and dear in my heart. Your imagery is so filled with contentment, that it leaves the reader with such a tranquil feeling.... I too have a bench from my youth, and it will remain in my heart for always...... Excellent my friend! !

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